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Finally…Your access to the “hidden” level of expertise with women that you’ve always known was there…but which has been kept a secret UNTIL NOW.

Let me be straight up with you. What you’re about to experience is NOT like anything else you’ve seen lately.

So fasten your seat belts and pay close attention…because what you’ll discover is not only going to be DIFFERENT (in over 100 ways), it’s going to be The Difference.

  The Difference… between finally getting the woman who rocks your world and watching some other less deserving guy walk off into the sunset with her instead.   The Difference… between boldly standing out from the crowd and getting washed away with the “faceless herd” of anonymous guys.

  The Difference… between more of the same tired old “newbie basics” and the powerfully effective secret strategies that most dating experts are blind to…and which most true ladies’ men won’t dare reveal to you.

  The Difference… between being an authentic and charismatic man who effortlessly draws high quality women with magnetic force and using underhanded, manipulative games in a futile attempt to “trick” women into liking you.

First, let me confirm what you probably already suspect is true. It’s mission-critical to find an EDGE in this life. Sometimes that edge is very subtle, but it’s almost always flat-out devastating to the competition.

The world’s greatest race car drivers know better than to depend on “raw talent”, let alone “sheer luck”. That’s why they spend untold hours and dollars searching for that ONE advantage that’ll deliver even a small amount of extra horsepower.

But when they find it…they become CHAMPIONS.

So how exactly does this relate to you and–more specifically–to the number of drop-dead sexy, high quality women your life?

Well, here’s the striking, stone-cold truth. When it comes down to whether or not YOU will succeed with women, the “law of the jungle” is EXACTLY the same as it is for ANYONE ELSE:

He Who Has An Advantage That Everyone Else Is Still In The Dark About Is Going To Win…Period.

The man who knows even ONE or TWO very simple but closely guarded secrets that virtually NO OTHER GUYS know on how to relate to a great woman is almost always the one who magically enchants her and compels her to breathlessly anticipate seeing him again.

And yes…he’s also the one who satisfies her sexually to the point where she’s practically addicted to him.

My name is Scot McKay, and over the past several years I’ve been passionate about showing you how to take back your birthright as a real man, how to meet and date high quality women–online OR offline–and how to build solid, fulfilling long-term relationships.

I’m known the world over as the dating coach who’s all about respecting oneself AND respecting women…and my mantra has always been “deserve what you want…and never, ever settle.”

But now it’s time to raise the bar EVEN FURTHER. My latest project is truly different. In fact, it’s called The Difference.

In it I pull the veil aside and reveal that elusive NEXT LEVEL of priceless knowledge and rare skill with women that only a FEW enlightened men possess.

What we’re talking about is precisely The Difference that separates the “haves” from the “have nots” when it comes to consistently attracting high quality women.

Make no mistake, this is NOT what you’ll find in every other e-book and “attraction system” under the sun that all seem to contain the same, re-hashed information.

But even though what I’m going to show you is BRAND NEW and totally original, NONE of it is particularly complicated. In fact, regardless of where you think your skills with women are today I’m convinced YOU CAN HANDLE ALL OF IT…no matter what others would want you to think.

It’s just that the elite among men who already know what I’m about to share want to KEEP IT ALL A SECRET. After all, their goal is to continue to have the best women for themselves. They want to KEEP WINNING.

But What If YOU Were That Victorious Guy From Now On Instead Of Being Forced To Take The Infamous “Walk Of Shame” Yet Another Time?

In order to be that guy, you’ll need the “racer’s edge”. You’ll need to discover and enjoy every single advantage that you can get…whether it relates to meeting women, knowing what goes on inside their head or making them passionately WANT you.

Let’s be honest. You’ve likely sensed that your big chance to make a giant leap forward has been out there SOMEWHERE all along. All you’ve ever needed is to figure out WHERE to find the answers you were looking for.

I know that’s EXACTLY how I used to feel until the breakthroughs started happening for me–just as they can and will for YOU also.

Let me tell you, I’ve personally used every shred of what’s in The Difference over the years to meet and date scores of truly amazing women. My buddies could never understand how a guy like me could consistently have such beautiful, sexy women around me…nearly all of whom were total sweethearts.

But These Days I Have NO REASON To Withhold ANY Of My Secrets To Success…Even The VERY BEST Ones.

Why am I so willing to share them with you?

The answer to that question is as basic as it gets. I’m now living happily with the greatest woman I’ve ever known, so it’s time to “pay it forward” without holding anything back. And THAT is the singular purpose that my new program The Difference is devoted to.

But it’s called The Difference in part also because EVERY SINGLE highly practical secret in it is, well…different.

I’ve made it a point to compile OVER 100 very simple but clearly powerful ideas that NOBODY has ever taught before…each in short, fluff free bursts of audio or video.

You Don’t Want To Sit There And Pan For Gold For Hours.You Want Me To Hand You The Keys To Fort Knox.

I fully realize that you want to achieve complete mastery with women at every level but just don’t have the time to be overwhelmed by hours of “small talk” and 300-page e-books that only leave you with a tiny amount of real, useful information–at best.

That’s why The Difference is focused on quick 4-12 minute golden nuggets of knowledge…all fluff-free.

When you click the “play” button, you’ll want to be paying attention because the practical, immediately useful knowledge will start flowing from the first few seconds of each audio or video.

 That Way You’ll Gain Dozens Of Clear, Objective ADVANTAGES With Women FAST…And All At Your Pace.

 What’s more, even if you only have a few minutes on a particularly busy day The Difference will STILL allow you to get at least one step better with women TODAY than you were YESTERDAY.

And whether you’re young or experienced, never married or divorced The Difference will make a strong and lasting positive impact.

But you just can’t become a true “artist” by painting by numbers. And you can’t get the “racer’s edge” by going back to Driver’s Ed.

So at this point I’ve got to give you a FAIR WARNING: That means that what’s in The Difference may completely FRY YOUR CIRCUITS.

Some Of What You’ll Hear In The Difference Is Going To Sound ABSOLUTELY Preposterous Or Even Flat-Out Crazy To You At First.

Think about it, though. All throughout history that’s been the hallmark of how truly GROUNDBREAKING knowledge has been received, right?

Seriously, many who are still trying to use old, worn-out tricks and tactics in a misguided effort to attract women may argue with the logic that’s presented in this program. Some may actually even get angry because it flies in the face of “conventional wisdom”.

But all the while, guys who know the breathtaking power of these advantages and have been working them to astounding effect for YEARS will simply sit back and quietly laugh to themselves.

After all, it only means that there will continue to be more women for THEM instead…and that’s exactly the way they like it, obviously.

So enough already. Let’s talk about how YOUR life is going to change dramatically for the better when you get your very own copy of The Difference.

Here’s Exactly What You Can Expect To Receive…

Someone could probably plan an entire e-book or seminar around each of the totally original yet utterly game-changing topics you’re about to encounter below. But I’ve distilled all of the most crucial answers you need into elegant, fluff-free Fast-Track Advantage Audios of between 4 and 12 minutes each.
FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 1:  The “Failsafe” Pre-Date Checklist (7:18) 

Are you still “winging it” when you pick up a woman for a date? All you really need to make sure everything goes well is a basic, uncomplicated roadmap and some 20/20 foresight.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 2:  Evaluating Potential Places To Take Women On First Dates (5:36) 

A key secret to planning a great first date is having an impressive and diverse portfolio of pre-tested and field-proven places to take a woman. Here’s how to identify the best ones in your city.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 3:  The Most Forgotten Part Of Planning Dates (4:29) 

Virtually zero guys ever even think to remember this one simple and very crucial step to making sure a date goes well…yet EVERY woman is thoroughly frustrated by how consistently we overlook it.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 4:  How To Smoothly Handle Your Accidental Embarrassing Moment On A Date (7:07) 

Whether you spill ketchup on your shirt, run into another woman you’ve been dating while out with someone else or get “the cheek” when you lean in for a kiss, you can deal with it–and avoid it next time.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 5:  How To Smoothly Handle A Woman’s Embarrassing Moment On A Date (5:46) 

Unravel the mystery of how to recognize when she’s feeling awkward and handle it quickly and effectively. Make her feel safe and comfortable with you every single time.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 6:  How To Leave Her Wanting More…So She Thinks About You Constantly (5:40) 

We instinctively know we shouldn’t let dates with women drag out longer than they should. Get this RIGHT from now on so she can’t wait until the next time she sees you.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 7:  Creating The Perfect First Kiss Opportunity (8:26) 

Here are five very specific moments that tend to occur during the course of interactions with women when you not only CAN kiss her, you’d BETTER kiss her. Recognize these moments and make them happen.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 8:  How To Run A Weekend Getaway With A Woman Like A Champion (7:33) 

You’ve met a woman you’re excited about and it’s time to whisk her away for an amazing weekend together. Get all the details right the first time.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 9:  How To Find Out What A “Good Girl” Looks Like Naked (6:25) 

It’d be nice if every woman would simply strip down and let you “evaluate the merchandise” as soon as you’ve met her. But that’s not always how it is in the real world. Well, now you CAN know what she looks like naked, thanks to this RIDICULOUSLY EASY strategy.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 10:  How To Tell If She’ll Have Sex With You Or Not (5:28) 

Here’s an actual test you can use to find out whether a woman you are seeing is ready and willing to be intimate with you. Not only does this test deliver “black and white” results, it’s based on an actual scientific experiment…seriously.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 11:  The Golddigger Test (6:57) 

You don’t want to be any woman’s walking ATM machine, but at the same time you fully realize that even the highest quality women want a man who is a legit provider. Does this mean that ALL women are “golddiggers”?

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 12:  Cranky / Funny (8:15) 

The idea of being “cocky and funny”, as popularized by David DeAngelo, has been rehashed and even stolen over and over again. But does that mean it’s the ONLY way to enthrall a woman and increase attraction? Not at all.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 13:  How To Make Sure The Hottest Waitress Serves You (6:11) 

Having a stunningly beautiful waitress take care of you the next time you go out to a restaurant is truly the “holy grail” of getting a woman to approach you first. But how do you make sure you’re seated at the RIGHT table?

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 14:  How To Join The “Mile High Club”…For Real (9:15) 

If you’ve got a “bucket list”, joining the infamous “Mile High Club” is probably on it. But how exactly do you go about having sex on an airplane? Here is the unconventional wisdom on exactly how to make it happen.

FAST-TRACK ADVANTAGE AUDIO 15:  Is She “Flirting For Dollars” Or Genuinely Interested? (10:54) 

It’s easy to dismiss any friendly behavior from that beautiful, sexy waitress as a simple ploy to get a better tip. But what if she’s REALLY attracted to you? Decode any waitress’s flirtatious behavior from now on with amazing accuracy.


Plus 12 More…



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