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Sean Messenger – Get Great Friends & Greater Girls Working the Room Review | Sean Messenger – Get Great Friends & Greater Girls Working the Room Download

Get Great Friends & Greater Girls Working the Room Download

Working the Room

It’s the secret of the ancients. See, picking up random women is a hard-work proposition. It’s never just fun. It’s never just practice. It’s like taking a second job to feed your family.

And who the hell wants another job?

But when you know how to make friends everywhere you go and you build a network of people, then women come to you. You do less work, and get more results.
It’s like fishing with dynamite.

Dan and Joe are bringing back the most popular VIP talk in history to teach you everything they have perfected about turning any room into your own personal house party. Want to be Superbad? Here’s your chance.

If you want any of these skills, you need this podcast.

* Why working the room is better for getting girls that night
* The secrest of the coolest guys
* How to create a Private party at home or in clubs and bars without spending a a$$load of money
* How to host a party and mingle
* Icebreakers for working the room
* How to get it up and keep it up. Your energy, that is smilie
* Talk to lots of hot girls without the girl you want getting jealous
* The almighty power of the high-five/fist pound/cheers
* Meeting girls on the dance floor
* Pulling it together so you actually get the girl at the end of the night

You need to know how to work the room, because once you do, everything gets easy.
No resistance. No work. More fun. More women.



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