Love SystemsSuperConference VIII Review | Love Systems – SuperConference VIII Download

Love Systems - SuperConference VIII

This ground-breaking course includes:

  • 10 Seminar DVDs – that cover everything you need to know about how to succeed with women – from the basics to the advanced. After viewing these seminars, meeting, attracting, and seducing gorgeous women will be as easy as 1-2-3.
  • 5 Infield Videos – we filmed real-life pickups with hidden cameras and mics so you can see for yourself the techniques in action – in REAL venues with NORMAL guys and REAL (HOT) women. I even provide commentary to break down concepts like body language, tonality, social dynamics and physical escalation to make sure you completely understand what’s going on!
  • 12+ Hours of Audio – we want you to improve with women as quickly as possible. Therefore, we included an audio version of every seminar so you can continue learning on the way work, on the train… heck even in the shower!
  • 2 Master Class Videos – watch and learn as our private clients receive one-on-one coaching by the top Love Systems instructors. You’ll learn from others’ mistakes and see for yourself the best way to make rapid improvements to your game!
  • 20+ Home Exercises – as they say, practice makes perfect. These simple, but effective exercises will make sure that the next time you approach a woman, you’re not a nervous wreck, but instead oozing with confidence that instantly create attraction.
  • Private Coaching – that’s right! We’re throwing in 1 FREE month of private one-on-one coaching with one of our Love Systems Dating instructors. You’ll get a taste of the same training that our instructors go through. This normally costs $2,500, but we’ve managed to open up a few slots and include them with the course!

– The triad model with Savoy – Discover the secrets of the 3 elements that will help you make up every seduction.
– Inner game with Braddock – Win a woman that you wanted by learning from the pickup artists and how they will help you.
– Attraction with Future – One secret thing to draw beautiful women to you.
– Quick Fixes with Keychain – 10 things you should do to turn your social and love life be more exciting.
– Identity with Cajun – Learn the techniques step by step to become the man you want to be.
– Fashion by Braddock – Find out the 7 parts about fashion and what are the mistakes you’re probably making.
– Lifestyle by Jeremy Soul – How to build your lifestyle so that women come to you.
– Frame control by Fader – understand this subtle phenomenon. Especially important if you’re gunning for the most beautiful of women
– Phone & Text Game by Chris Shepherd (Tenmagnet) – Learn the techniques to keep women engaged on you by using phone and texting.
– Dates by Keychain – Using the 3 part formula for fantastic dates.

– 12 DVDs of The Dating Essentials
– 5 Infield Videos
– 2 Master Class Videos
– 20+ Dedicated Exercises
– Webinar and Q & A on The Secrets of Attraction
– 10 MP3s of the Dating Essentials Talks

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Pimp Your Lingo

Pimp Your Lingo

Pimp Your Lingo by Stephen Erdman is an audio program of over six hours long that aims to give you the tools and knowledge to use language more effectively with everyone you talk to.

The course is broken down into three sections: Inner Game, Rapport, and Attraction.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Inner Game

This is the shortest section of the audio program, at just under an hour.  Erdman discusses the importance of language and how you’ll be able to use it to enrich your life and have more success once you master his techniques.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Rapport

Erdman touches on is what he calls the 70/30 principle. The idea being that you should aim to be listening for 70% of the time and only speaking for 30%.

Conversation Skills Training For Men Attraction

This is the final section of the program and is just over two hours long. The first track is on four common mistakes guys often make to mess up attraction.
There are a number of tracks here dealing with questions and how to respond to them.

Conversation Skills Training For Men The Bottom Line

Pimp Your Lingo uses a lot of ideas from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to teach some fairly basic conversational skills.


The Actor Stephan Erdman is one of the leading German actors based in the UK.

He is best known for his numerous Film/TV roles for the BBC and directors like Peter Howitt, Lab Ky Mo, Jamie Payne and Richard Dale and his many Stage performances…
…while also attracting major brands like Xbox360, Skechers, Apple, Nike, RBS, Ericksson, Belkin, Visa and Sony as an actor, model and voice over artist for Commercials and Photographic Campaigns.

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Understand Attraction

Adam Lyons – Understand Attraction Updated Version Review | Adam Lyons – Understand Attraction Download

Adam Lyons – Understand Attraction e-book version to download instantly. This book is crammed with insights on just about every topic in the romance and dating field.

–    Dating, relationships and sexual attraction are established through a simple set of stages that can be learned and practiced and eventually mastered.
–    How to develop flexibility in every situation so that you always have something to say and do in response to specific events, even unusual ones.
–    How to tell if she’s interested in you even before you say anything to her. There are signs that let us know someone is attracted to us and open to a romantic or sexual situation developing. If you can recognize these signs before speaking it’ll make the whole process a lot easier.
And tons more…

Understand Attraction BONUS

The How To Kiss video where two girls demonstrate three separate techniques for going in for the first kiss without having to worry about rejection:

Understand Attraction –   The Triple Kiss
Understand Attraction –   The Escalated Kiss
Understand Attraction –   The Head Touch

Learn when to use each technique, when and where each is best, and more advanced tips. Actual demonstrations so you’ll understand them clearly and easily.

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Cory Skyy – Lifestyle Training Series Review | Cory Skyy – Lifestyle Training Series Download

Cory Skyy - Lifestyle Training Series

Cory Skyy – Lifestyle Training Series

Look Better – Feel Better – Live Better
Become a “Sexually Confident Man” and Attract the Women YOU want ‘Naturally & Magnetically’

No lines, no routines, no manipulating techniques.

  • Struggling to Meet the Women you want?
  •  Sick of going home alone on Saturday night?

Is there something WRONG with you?

Hell, NO!

But there IS something wrong with what you’re doing…

And I’m gonna FIX it for you!!

Read on – and get ready to

Hey, Buddy…

Are you going through a painful “dry spell” in your sex life?

Do you find it difficult to go after the women you’re super attracted to?

Are you always the guy who doesn’t have a date? Doesn’t have a steady girlfriend? Doesn’t get laid?

If so, keep reading – because I’m going to show you a breakthrough SOLUTION that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard of before.

You see, there’s nothing “wrong” with you. Well, not really.

But there is something wrong with the way you think and what you’re DOING when it comes to dating.

Since you’re reading this, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re not satisfied with your current love life/sex — and you really want to figure it out.

Well, first thing’s first: You need to understand that if you find it hard to get the women you want…

You are not alone!

Over the last 20 years, dating has become tougher than ever — and the “relationship” gap between men and women is getting bigger and bigger.

Right now, there are literally hundreds of millions of guys around the world that are struggling to get the women they want. Even the most successful guys that are currently dating are settling for less than what they really want.

So what’s the problem?

You’re probably a nice guy… decent-looking … good job and good income – always doing the right thing but you just can’t seem to “get the girl” – or girls — you’re most attracted to.

Why not???

Is there a “magic pick-up line” that you don’t know about?

Is there some secret “pheromone” cologne you should be wearing?

Is it your wardrobe? Your car? Your haircut or your fashion accessories?

Hell NO!

It’s none of those things!

What you’re doing right now is NOT working.

And I’m going to help you change all that.

Most guys think that they have to do or say “the perfect thing” to get a girl.

Some think that making tons of money and having fast cars will get her to like you.

Others think they need to get into great physical shape.

Listen: It’s NOT about how you look, how old you are, or how much money you have.

Those are the huge misconceptions that are holding you back!

What I teach you is far different from anything else out there. Believe me… we searched everything on the market to see if anyone else had what we had discovered.


It’s like the difference between flying First Class – and being stuck in the baggage compartment!

This is a perfect analogy showing the difference between a ladies man and an average guy or pickup artist.

The average guy will sit in the baggage compartment. He hopes that having a lot of money will solve everything. The cheesy “pickup artist” will sit in the baggage compartment, playing games and trying to come up with the next best pickup technique.

Meanwhile, the ladies’ man is in First Class GETTING LAID.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be in First Class!

Trust me; it really is a completely different world.

What I teach is truly unique and from my own personal experience – which is WHY it’s so effective!

I’ll tell you what it is in a moment.

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Cory Skyy and I’m a Ladies’ Man.

I am that guy that girls call an ‘asshole’ – yet they’ll still fuck me that same day.

I am that guy that other guys call an ‘asshole’ because I always end up going home with the hottest girls.

Being an ‘ass hole’ does not mean you’re being a dick – it simply means that you are extremely confident with who you are as a man, which just happens to be ‘one’ very attractive quality to women.

My guess is that you’re a nice guy and have never been called an asshole a day in your life.

Am I right?

All my life, I’ve had that “certain something” that attracts women to me magnetically — and it allows me to relate and connect with women on a level few men will ever attain.

Having this “certain something” has allowed me to live one hell of a lifestyle – a lifestyle that most guys will spend their entire lives dreaming and fantasizing about.

I say that not to boast. But because it’s just plain true.

I never really knew WHY things were so easy with women – because I’m NOT a “GQ” model or a well-built athlete, and I don’t have a fancy car or a high-status career. I’m not a doctor or a lawyer or even a high-tech entrepreneur.

Shit, most of my life people like that intimidated the fuck out of me. I’m just a regular guy who was “blessed” at an early age with a certain “something” that women find irresistible.

I just saw myself as a guy that knew how to have a shit load of fun. And it just happens that I get laid a lot.

Sure, my friends would get pissed at me all the time — because I’d always end up leaving with a hot girl when we were out. But I never really thought too much about it.

I just thought it was normal — and never really saw it as a big deal or anything special.

My friends would ask me HOW in the f**k I end up with the HOTTEST girls everywhere I went. But I honestly had no idea.

I said, “I don’t know. It just happens!”

They always insisted that I do something with this “certain something” — start an escort service, be a male gigolo, help other guys. I even had several people say they wanted me to write a book about my wild lifestyle.

Something! Anything!

But because I honestly never really thought it was anything special, none of those things ever really clicked.

Until one day.

I met a guy who was extremely intrigued about my vibe and the way I interacted with the women at the coffee shop I was at. We both sat outside talking about different things, but he kept asking me a lot of questions about women.

It was fine in the beginning but I am not going to lie; it kind of sketched me out because I didn’t understand why he was asking me so many questions about women – things that, to me, were totally obvious.

He explained to me how hard it was for him to meet women and told me that he was extremely uncomfortable talking to and meeting girls.

At the time I really couldn’t understand why. “Why can’t this guy get laid?”

He was a decent looking guy. 37 years old, successful in his career, and he was even a multi-millionaire! Yet he had only dated 3 different women in his entire life!


When I first heard this I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t even imagine being 37 years old and only being with 3 women. Fuck! I passed that number by the time I was 15 years old.  

Then he filled me in and told me that there are a lot more guys out there just like him that are desperate to learn — and would love to know what I know.

In that moment, I was in disbelief. It blew me away because I never knew this was such a big problem for so many guys.

After a couple hours of talking with him, he looked me straight in the eyes and told me that I have to teach this to him and other guys.

I said, “Yeah right. You can’t teach this stuff.”

You either have it or you don’t.

He said that wasn’t a good enough answer. He demanded to know. He felt he HAD TO figure me out.

After much persuading, I agreed to take on the challenge to help him.

So we sat down with a few of my other friends and started analyzing what it was that made me “tick”…

And guess what?

We Figured It Out! 

In fact, we figured it out so well – that after a year of study and trial-and-error, we finally put together a “formula” that seemed like the “recipe” for success with women.

We didn’t really know what we had. Turns out, it was like discovering how to split the atom and make a nuclear bomb!

The resulting “method” we created was so powerful, we couldn’t believe it ourselves.

This guy literally went from only dating 3 girls his entire life to dating 7-10 different girls a week!

It was like he was a completely different person!

Everything about him changed. His look, his energy, his tone of voice, his body language, his eye contact. Everything!

I am not talking about just going on 7-10 dates a week.

I am talking about this guy had women literally throwing themselves at him everywhere he went!

This guy suddenly had a girl over at his house to screw his brains out at lunch time, and then another one over just a few hours later that evening!

It was like a fucking conveyor belt just bringing in the women!

And the craziest part of all is that he was 100% honest with every single girl he was with. He was up front and honest about seeing other girls, but they didn’t care. They still wanted him.

Shit, half of them even knew each other!

That’s when we knew we had something worth boasting about!

At that point I decided to put up a simple blog, talking about the skills I offer – just to see if there was really a need for what I had.  

Before I knew it, I was getting phone calls and emails from dudes all over the country – and around the world – wanting me to coach them.

These guys had BIG bucks to spend, and they were practically stuffing cash in my pockets along with their desperation to help them turn their lives around!

Once I had a few more wild “success stories” – the word spread even faster!

Eight years into my coaching career, I’ve personally coached and transformed hundreds of guys’ lives. And thanks to the Internet, my teachings are in over 30 different countries.

I have worked with guys from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds,
from the world’s elite and affluent to those of modest financial means. My clients have ranged from software engineers, psychiatrists, college kids,
rocket scientists, musicians, high level business consultants, entrepreneurs, pilots… even actors.

Here’s what one of them recently said…

If I would have known how much Cory’s advice would have changed my life in the beginning, there is no question that I would have been willing to pay him $500,000.00. When I first met Cory, I knew he was good with women, and then I quickly realized that he is one of the best in the world. And trust me — I have met pretty much all the big names in the dating and pickup community. His ability to figure out what women are thinking borders on ESP. His ability to attract the type of women he wants is insane, but his ability to get his clients — ‘regular guys like me’ — real results is PRICELESS! You cannot put a price on having the freedom to live the way you truly want.   ~Mike Page, Entrepreneur

My “certain something” – it turns out – CAN BE copied and duplicated by ANY guy! And is now available to you.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

You don’t have to spend night after night, at home alone, watching TV or Internet porn. To hell with that shit!

You don’t have to walk around with a negative attitude about yourself or women!

You don’t have to be a bystander to your own life any longer. Not anymore!

Women will love you – and find you irresistibly attractive – once you learn what I can teach you (as I’ve taught to so many others as of now).

You’ll soon forget all those negative, self-defeating “beliefs” about yourself and the gorgeous women you’re attracted to.

You’ll be able to “flip a switch” inside your brain – and go from “hopeless” to HOTNESS all in one training course!

Even if you’ve tried the “pick-up artist” stuff that others try to sell you on the Internet, let me assure you – this isn’t like that BS. This is the real deal.

It’s natural, authentic, and the teachings are universal.

You see, I’ve produced a multi-dimensional training course that takes you from where you are to where you want to be – FASTER than anything you’ve ever seen of or heard before.

It doesn’t rely on cheesy pick-up lines… hypnosis… NLP… manipulating techniques… or any other nonsense.

It starts with YOU and what’s going on inside YOUR mind.

I get you to re-focus your entire self-image – from being the frustrated, average, lonely guy… to being an unstoppable ALPHA who exudes confidence and sexual appeal to women of all kinds.

This does NOT only apply to the young ditzy girls at bars and clubs. It is about getting the women you want and are most attracted to. It is about creating and living out the sex and dating lifestyle of your dreams.

YES, it even applies if you want to be with super-hot models!

That’s exactly what many of my clients have wanted — and they got it!!!

It doesn’t matter what your “type” is. I will help you get the type of women you want and are most attracted to. Without limits!

You will experience a change in your self-perception AND in how others perceive you.

You’ll go from low self-esteem to the highest imaginable form of self-respect, self-fulfillment and really begin living a lifestyle filled with wild experiences.

You won’t have to even buy stuff for women. In fact, they’ll start buying stuff for YOU!

Believe it or not, women will love buying you gifts and pampering you!

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Hypnotic Pick Up Method by Steve G. Jones Review | Hypnotic Pick Up Method by Steve G. Jones Download

Hypnotic Pick Up Method by Steve G. Jones Download

Hypnotic Pick Up Method by Steve G. Jones Download

Learn How to pickup the women of your dreams!

Steve G. Jones has created close to 4,000 products on hypnosis that can help just about anyone in any area of their life including stopping smoking, losing weight, and becoming a better listener, etc.

Steve has created an empowering resource that will equip you with the transcendent ability to pick up anyone at any given time using nothing more than hypnosis.

Module One – Preparation

Here you’ll learn the profound confidence building principles that Steve has been successfully instilling in others for years to help them get what they want when they want. Confidence is truly a wondrous thing. In fact, at times it can single handedly change the mindset of another party without you saying or doing anything. Truly a priceless characteristic to have!

You’ll also learn how to improve yourself in every aspect so that you are not only confident, but certain about yourself and the qualities you possess.

More important than finding someone, is finding THE one. Let’s face it, a major reason why so many people wind up alone is because they settle for someone that they really have nothing in common with only to realize the truth and waste years of their lives. With the Hypnotic Pickup Method, you’ll be able to hone in on exactly the type of person that you desire and use the law of attraction to make them yours.

Module Two – Dating 101

In this module, you’ll discover everything you need to know about getting a date and making it a true success. From body language to flirting, from where to go on your on your first date to avoiding rambling; it’s all here.

Rest assured, after module two, you’ll never be nervous about another date again. In fact, you’ll eagerly look forward to any and all opportunities to showcase your dating skills.

Module Three – The Second Date And Beyond

Module Three will enable you to uncover everything you want to know about the other person during the second date. The second date is just as important as the first because during the first date, most people still tend to put up walls. On the second date however, you’ll be able to effectively uncover everything you need to know.

You’ll also discover exactly how to make everything from a romantic dinner to cleaning the house together, fun and full of excitement.

Module Four – The Attraction

Here you’ll learn how to have a crystal clear vision of what you want before you approach someone and how to effectively communicate with them through use of words and body.

After this, you’ll see your eyes, head, legs and hands in a whole new empowering way as they will serve as tools to almost magically engage the one you desire.

Module Five – Seduction and Flirtation

You’ll also be exposed to the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a unique and powerful set of principles which enable you to control the thoughts and actions of others through various techniques including:





Pattern Interrupt

Use of Embedded Commands

NLP has been used by millions of people around the world to negotiate, converse, persuade and convince just about anyone to do anything by taking control of their thoughts.

Steve is an expert practitioner of NLP and has structured the Hypnotic Pickup Method to be centered around the techniques encapsulated in NLP which will empower you to master the art of seduction and flirtation.

Module Six – Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve mastered all the mechanics of the Hypnotic Pickup, Steve will then sharpen your saw even further through the advanced techniques.

Your time has come. If you are ready to meet and attract the woman that you desire and deserve, wait no more.

Order the Hypnotic Pickup Method right now and look forward to a fulfilled, joyous, fun life that you can share with someone else.

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Stephen Nash – How to get a Girlfriend Review | Stephen Nash – How to get a Girlfriend PDF Download

Stephen Nash - How to get a Girlfriend PDF Download

Stephen Nash – How to get a Girlfriend PDF Download

*  Social Skills – in depth about approaching women in ANY situation – naturally and with charisma (most pickup artists have no clue how to do this properly)

* Social Skills – Engaging women into charismatic conversations that fill her mind with mystery and intrigue (specifics WORDS to use, and also how to gain the underlying SKILL necessary to creating your own)

* Social Skills – My secret formula of Engage/Hook/Connect and how I’ve made it the most powerful way to carry a conversation with women
* Lifestyle – Developing a social circle than makes you happy and always busy on a Friday night

* Lifestyle – Finding women ready for a relationship with YOU (not getting the “player” girls that CHEAT)

* Lifestyle – Social circle management – and the DIFFERENT ways to do it

* Dating – Dating intelligently and NOT making a fool of yourself

* Identity and Purpose – Loads more step-by-step information for discovering your identity and purpose

* Identity and Purpose – Why this is powerful, and how you can cultivate it to make you happier (something you wish you’d known growing up)

* Identity and Purpose – your missing link and how you can find it (something I did personally that makes all the difference with women)

* 9 symptoms of a weak, “needy” man that brings bullying from guys and little or zero chances of commanding the interest and respect of attractive women. Watch out! You could be guilty of committing one of these attraction killers! Page 24

* 2 quick-action steps that’ll have women approaching you first. Page 43 – 44

* The single-best way to get a gorgeous woman’s phone number. (Shy guys always love this one!) Page 51

* What’s the best place to take a girl on a date? Here’s the single-best “customizable” date idea that immediately puts you in control of the dynamics of the relationship and right away starts to win her heart (Be careful, this is powerful.)

* 8 rules you must-know to enhance your sex appeal and gain confidence even in the presence of picky “10’s”. Page 26

* Conversational skills that will never leave you wondering “what do I say”” If you’ve relied on BS gimmicks and lines up to now – graduate into REAL SOCIAL SKILLS by learning these (this may be the most important part of the book).

* How to master your first impression so you ALWAYS look your best, and project a confident, masculine presence – if you fail to capture her attention at first glance, you may lose your chance. Page 55

* 5 things you might be doing when talking to a woman that will make her only want to be friends. (A must-read guys, seriously) Page 61

* 6 conversational topics that’ll get the attention of almost any sexy woman in the room. (Know this, and you’ll have an edge over the “players” and “naturals” out there.) Page 78

* 3 keys to living a lifestyle that automatically draws women like flies to honey. Page 104

* The essence of what makes absolutely ANY MAN, regardless of his looks or his income sexy to a woman. (And how you can use this to your advantage to get hot women asking you out.) Page 8

* How to use “baiting” to GET WOMEN TO CHASE AFTER YOU. Page 75

* Why you don’t have to fake being cool, or be something you”re not or play head games to get attention from women – when you can become the ‘real-deal’ – a successful, confident, attractive man women pursue. Page 6

* How regaining your power as a man automatically makes you a ‘woman magnet.’ Page 20

* Why being a “successful man” in the eyes of women doesn”t necessarily mean money and fame. (This will shock and delight you.) Page 12

* The automatic and biological “screen” that women filter men through when dating them. Page 39

* The first essential skill to living a successful and fulfilling life. Page 13.

* Why a simple “mindset” re-adjustment can almost instantly make you interesting and romantically appealing to women. Page 16

* How “living in your own reality” can make you a confident man respected by others, and secretly fantasized about by women. Find out more. Page 21

* What you absolutely must do to guarantee the girl you have your heart set on keeps coming back for more of you. Page 114

* How to quickly increase the amount of friends and dates you have. Page 53

* How to stir up the emotions of arousal, interest, attraction, respect and romance from almost any drop-dead gorgeous woman. Page 81

* Why even guys who aren”t attractive can look sexy, mysterious and irresistible to women by making a few affordable tweaks to the way they dress and style themselves. Page

* The three “P”s” to building a lifestyle with sex appeal. Page 36

* Flirting secrets complete with real-life examples of “how to”. Page 67

* Is your social life dead or dull? Here are some tested tips to help have a healthy social life that brings you tons of fun, and important contacts and connections. Page 39

* Are you able to get dates but can”t seem to get a girlfriend? Here are 4 things that could be killing your chances with the ladies. Page 40

* How to talk to women on the phone. (This is one area where most guys screw up BIG TIME.) Page 41

* How the way you dress and carry yourself reveals what you really think about yourself to the rest of the world. Page 86

* How to present yourself with power so you gain the respect you want! Page 45

* A 4-step blueprint that’ll make you instantly liked and accepted at any social outing. (The side effect is that women will want you). Page 49

* Simple 3-step blueprint that makes you into a skilled, smooth conversationalist even with intimidatingly beautiful women. And they’ll love you for it. Know this and you’ll never have a problem interesting a girl again. Page 58

* Happen to spot an eye-catching woman you’d really like to go out with but you’re in too much of a time crunch to really approach her? Here’s a fast almost guaranteed way to land a date with her. Page 64

* Why complimenting a woman’s good looks almost never works and instead makes you look like an ass. Here’s what you should compliment to arouse her interest in you. Page 71

* One of the best places to take a girl on a date that’ll win her over! Page 111
* 5 keys to finding ‘the look’ that’s right for you

* How to develop your own appealing, unique style that’ll bring you more success in work, relationships and with great-looking women. Page 97

* How should you in particular style your hair? Here’s how to find out what the hottest hairstyles are for attracting sexy women. Page 99

* The single-biggest grooming mistake most men make that’ll ruin their chances with women. Page 99

* How reclaiming your power as a man and becoming the ‘prize’ transforms you into a woman magnet. Regardless of what you look like or how shy you are. Page 102

* How to become the smooth, cool, calm guy that almost always gets ahead in life and wins big at what he puts his hand to. Page 105

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