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DayGame – Geek Get Girl Download Andy And His Cameraman Head To Manhattan For New York Fashion Week, Approach The Hottest, Most Intimidating Models You Ever Saw, Fuckup BIG TIME, Analyse The Wreckage, And Nail It! RESULT: Nine Days Of Girls, Sex, Crazy Adventure… And The “Community’s” ONLY Daygame Education That Shows It Like It […]

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Daygame Podcasts Episodes Download | Daygame Podcasts Episodes Collection Download | Daygame Podcasts Episodes | Daygame Podcasts Episodes Included here : Episode #1 – Welcome To The Show Episode #2 – Sasha Interview About Opening and Having Fun Episode #3 – Marcus Oakey Shows Us How To Be More Spontaneous In Conversations Episode #4 – […] – Conversation Autopilot – Conversation Autopilot Review | – Conversation Autopilot Download Description: 10th June 2015 Barcelona, Spain Tell me if this ever happens to you: You see a nice girl, and you think about approaching her. You check her out, clock her style, take in the way she walks or the way she’s standing, and […]