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Dean Cortez – Ex Back Experts Complete Program Review | Dean Cortez – Ex Back Experts Complete Program Download

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can the Exback Experts System be used by anyone?

No. This product is not for everyone.  This product may not be suitable for you for reasons such as:

  1. You are emotionally unstable and you cannot forgive your ex for what happened in the past.
  2. You are not ready for “real” committed relationship again with your ex.
  3. You intend use it in an unethical manner. This is not a game. You may not use the Exback Experts System just to “get revenge” on your ex.

We created The Exback Experts system exclusively for people with good intentions and although results may vary we believe it is the best system ever created for reuniting men with their ex girlfriend.

2. Can this work if my ex is dating someone new?

Yes this system teaches you powerful techniques that may work even if your ex is dating someone new. Many of our satisfied students have used this system to “re-attract” their exes, even though they were in new relationships. Page 75 of the Ex Back Experts manual deals with this specific issue and shows how you make him ONLY want you, and no one else

3. What if our breakup was really “ugly,” and she has a lot of resentment towards me?

We have had so much success with this system we are confident even if he resents you, the Ex Back Experts system can help you to get him back.

Using the Negative Emotion Neutralizer technique (we’ll show you step by step in the system) can help you replace his angry or resentful feelings towards you with positive memories and reasons to want you back! .


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Dean Cortez – Facebook Seduction System Platinum Download

Facebook Seduction System Platinum Review | Facebook Seduction System Platinum Download

Step 1: The FB Seduction System
Learn how to find and filter girls on Facebook so that you can get them into your bed within a few short messages! Forget going to bars! Forget approaching women on the street, all you need is an internet connection and a Facebook account and a computer and you’ll learn how to turn Facebook into your personal hot girl delivery service!

This is the most advanced online seduction system that is available on the market today. No where else will you be able to learn the step-by-step methods to get smoking hot girls on Facebook wanting to meet up with you for real sex!

Step 2: Listen To The FB Seduction System Audio Book
(You can play this audio file right here, or click the “download” button in the bottom corner of the video to save it to your computer.)

If you’re too busy to read the FB Seduction System we have done the hard work for you! We have recorded the full system in mp3 format so that you can download it and listen to it at y our own pace.

Learn how you can find and filter hot girls from Facebook on the go! I  know you’re a busy person and sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down and read, so that’s why we wanted to make things easy for you.

In order to access it, you can either stream it online directly or click on the “download” image button at the corner of the video to save it to your computer.

Step 3: The FB Bad Boy Formula We all know that Bad Boys get the girls.

But there’s a fine line between being a total asshole and being a Bad Boy.

Let us show you step-by-step where that fine line is and find out how you can implement some of the “bad boy” characteristics into your existing persona so you can be the best version of the bad boy you!

This system comes with a complete PDF manual that you can download and read at your leisure. We have also included a detailed interview with Mark Manson conducted by Rob Wiser to teach you how to get sex fast. Yes, we’re going to talk about the topics of One Night Stands so that you’ll learn how you can be the man that you were born to be.

Step 4: The Online Dating Domination Toolkit
Once you learn how to find and filter Facebook girls to want to bang you, it’s time for you to DOMINATE the online dating scene. Facebook is just one place where you can meet women.

Yup, we really want to get you laid don’t we?

Let Dean Cortez teach you and give you his own classified files about how to totally dominate the online dating scene. You’ll discover how to make yourself the most desirable person on the internet. If you apply our methods you’ll be able to date and meet the women that you desire without even needing to leave your home.

Step 5: Bonus Resources
Exclusive Premium Bonus From Mack Tactics
Special Bonus Package From Ex Back Experts
Super Bonuses From PUMA SKills
Super Bonuses PE Bible
Super Bonuses From Tao of Badass
Ninja Resources From Magnetic Messaging
Super Bonuses From Cliff List
Super Bonuses To Improve Your Sex Life
Super Bonuses From Survive Her Affair
Conversation Chemistry FREE!
Unannounced Bonuses For Men

Platinum Upgrade

Upgrade #1 – Audio System Conversation Commando

This is a complete Conversation Audio System that shows you how to engage in any sort of conversation with women and keep her interested.

Once you get hot Facebook girls to meet up witih you it’s up to YOU to know exactly what you need to say in order to take your relatinoship to the next level.

Say the wrong things and she might just never want to speak to you again.

Say the right things she WILL end up being your fantasy girlfriend.

Learn how to bypass her female obstacle objection triggers and get her to do anything you wish. Train her how to satisfy you emotionally and sexually and use the Conversation Cammdo techniques to make her want and beg to be your girlfriend.

Upgrade #2 – Complete System The Sex God Blueprint

Let’s face it, all women love sex.

That’s why all the Facebook girls put up sexy photos of themselves – to attract the right kind of guy to come along and sweep them off their feet.

Once you get one of these hotties in your bedroom and under your sheets it’s up to YOU to show her how much of a Sex God you really are.

Make her come back for more over and over again. This complete system will show you step by step how to give her screaming orgasms.

Upgrade #3 – Complete System Unleash Her Inner Pornstar

Once you are able to connect with a girl on an intimate and deeper level, it’s time to unleash the hidden pornstart that resides in all women.

This guide will show you the exact formula you need and the right techniques and conversation tactics that you can utilize to stop making her “shy in bed” and bring out the wild side that she tries to hide from most other guys.

Make her your own private pornstar so you can enjoy her as much as she’ll be enjoying you being inside her.

Upgrade #4 – Audio Interview Dean Cortez & Jonn Sinn About Approach Anxiety

Approach Anxiety with women is something that most guys experience. This ranges from not being able to walk up to hot girls and talking to them to not being able to speak to a hot girl that has agreed to come into your house.

Learn what you need to do in order to immediately destroy this anxiety and sky rocket your confidence so that you’ll be able to instantly bed the girls you meet and take your interactions to a much more intimate level.

Upgrade #5 – Audio Interview Dean Cortez & Jonn Sinn About Conversation Control

One of the main reasons why guys are not able to get a girlfriend and keep her is because most men do not know the importance of controlling the conversation and the interaction.

Communication is one of the biggest parts of any relationship. So how good are your communication skills?

Do you have what it takes to keep a woman addicted to with because you know exactly what and when to say the right things?

Upgrade #6 – Audio Interview Dean Cortez & Jonn Sinn About Social Comfort

There is a common misconception that makes most men fail with women.

It’s thinking that their social skills are good enough to make women attracted to them. The sad truth is, if you’re NOT succeeding with women then I can guarantee you it’s because you do not know how to interact with women and other girls in a social setting.

This exclusive interview will show you how to be the guy that will be able to dominate in any social situation and be “the man”.

Bonus #1 – Complete Manual No More Lies – How To Become A Human Lie Detector

Have you offer had a gut feeling that something just didn’t feel right?

Maybe your ex said things or acted in certain ways that just didn’t add up?

Find out how to read through the lines and literally become a human lie detector so you will never be lied to again!

Bonus #2 – Exclusive Report The 3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasms

Let’s face it, when you have sex with a woman you don’t just want to have sex. You want to BLOW HER MIND.

Instead of having “normal up sex” with the girls you meet using this system, why don’t you have sex in the 3 secrets positions that will guarantee you to make her shudder with pleasure?

Bonus #3 – Complete Manual How To Become A MASTER of Female Orgasms

When you get your girls back to your room, you want her to be dependent on you both emotionally and sexually.

Let us show you the way to satisfy your girlfriend in a way that will make her no longer want anyone other man.

Become the master of her sexual desires and she will be yours truly for good.



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Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Download

Strippers depend on customers to pay their rent and cover their bills…but they would never give these guys the time of the day if they saw them outside of the club.

Now imagine yourself walking into the strip club with bulletproof confidence…and using super-clever techniques and strategies to make the hottest dancers feel genuine curiosity and attraction towards you.

You don’t waste money on lap dances. When she tries to use her “sales routine” on you, you deflect it with a playful comment, and have her sit down with you and get real.

You get her smiling, giggling, telling you secrets about herself that no other customer knows…and you make her “tingle” with that funny feeling called ATTRACTION

And after her shift ends, you meet with her outside of the club, hang out for a little while, and bring her back to your place for as much mind-blowing sex as you can handle.

(Trust me, these girls are sex machines that will keep you up all night!)

I used to think that only rich jerks or “bad boys” could get these types of women.

Then I learned the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction and starting picking up hot strippers every time I was in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, or any “small towns” that have strip clubs (the girls in those places can be so easy when you use the right tactics)…

I was also banging for free whenever I traveled overseas to Europe, Asia or South America.

I’ve been enjoying the sex life of a rock star on tour…and I used to be the last guy you could ever imagine living this type of lifestyle.

The funny thing is, I used to be a regular guy who struggled to talk to girls.

After my girlfriend dumped me (and ran off with my ex-best friend), I tried going out to meet girls at the bars…but I was usually too nervous to approach women, and if I did, it usually felt like slow-motion humiliation because I had no idea what to say next…

So, I started spending a lot of time at the strip clubs in my city. At least there, the girls were easy to talk to. (As long as I was spending money to buy dances, of course.)

I would have given anything to know how to get one of these hotties into my bed, but at the time it seemed like an impossible fantasy.

Then one night…while I was hanging out at one of the clubs in Las Vegas…I witnessed something that completely blew my mind.

Sitting in the booth next to me was an average-looking guy (kind of ugly, actually). His hair was thinning and he had a gut. He didn’t look like he had much money — he was wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

He was sitting there alone, sipping a beer, and then he waved over two of the hottest strippers in the club. (One of the girls was Asian, and the other was a beautiful blonde bombshell with the most perfect tits money can buy…)

The blonde walked up to him and tried to get him to buy a lapdance. He gave her a funny look, made a hand gesture, and said something (I couldn’t hear what he said, because of the loud music)…and for a second, the strippers looked confused and a little bit offended. (Like, “who does THIS guy think he is?”)

But then he said something else (which was really damn funny), and the craziest thing happened…the two hot strippers sat down on either side of him, and relaxed with him, and he put his arms around them and started chatting…

I was extremely curious…so I leaned in closer to hear what he was saying…

He was saying weird, cocky stuff to “tease” them and mess with them…then he asked them a strange, shocking question that made the girls look at each other, laugh, and blush…

I could tell by the body language of the girls that this guy was breaking them out of “hustler mode” and making them “get real” with him.

This short, regular-looking dude CAPTIVATED their attention, and was totally in control of the situation.

As I sat there watching in awe, the blonde stripper started making out with him! Then he gently pushed her away, and kept talking, and the two hot strippers were hanging on his every word…and he smoothly slipped his cell phone out of his pocket and got both of their phone numbers.

(I’ll never forget the funny, clever line he used to get their digits…)

And then? He made a “parting comment” that was showed total rock star confidence, and then he got up and LEFT the club.

It was pretty darn impressive — but I didn’t think he had any chance of actually banging those two tunners…

Well, here comes the part that nearly knocked me off my barstool.

A few nights later I was at my local bar, having a beer, and guess who walked in.

It was him. And he was with the super-hot stripper blonde! She was hanging all over him…

When she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, I said to him, “Hey man, I saw you at the strip club talking to that girl…and now you’re with her? Your next beer is on me, I just want to know your secret!

He smiled and said “bro, it’s no big deal. You just need to know how to play the game.”

He told me the night I saw him at the club, he wound up fucking BOTH of the girls he’d been talking to!

After their shift, they met him for drinks and he took them back to his place for a wild “threesome”…and he didn’t spend a friggin’ dime!

We became friends and he explained his “blueprint” for seducing strippers. It was weird, funny, shocking and totally freakin’ brilliant.

I shared this info with some friends of mine, and from then on, we’d hit the strip clubs and try out these methods. They worked!

I met a smoking-hot dancer the first time I used his tips (and had practically dry-humping me in the club, without me having to buy a dance)…and the next day she drove over to my apartment and rocked my world. (I could barely keep up — this chick was a sexual dynamo!)

And so, me and my pickup artist buddies started hitting the hot spots every night and tweaking these methods. We identified the different types of strippers, that work the different shifts, and how to modify the methods to guarantee success.

By spending a lot of time in the strip clubs, I started meeting other guys who had figured out the “strip club game” and were screwing numerous hot strippers.

One of these stripper pickup artists told me, “why should I waste my time at the ‘regular’ clubs talking to chicks with stuck-up attitudes, when I can walk into a gentlemans club… hang out with the hottest strippers…and I KNOW they’ve got rockin’ bodies and are going to be great in bed, because I can see them in their G-strings and watch the way they move?

With a stripper, you know the deal — and she knows the deal. It’s just a matter of you taking charge and reeling her in.”

For me, the next three years were a crash-course education in Strip Club Seduction. I learned mind-blowing tactics from guys who literally bang hot dancers every weekend.

I even studied the techniques of one “stripper seducer” who’s fucked “perfect 10s” in the VIP room — while the girls were on duty! (Crazy TRUE story…it’s in the book!)

I came to realize that strip clubs are actually incredible places to meet cool, beautiful and sexually liberated women.

Think about it. There’s no need to nervously approach them and try to “break the ice,” because their job is to approach YOU and start flirting!

Sure, she’s going to think of you as a customer at first. She’ll try to run her “sales routine” on you, to warm you up to buy lapdances…

But when you learn the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction, you are the one controlling the game. You know how to get her out of “work mode” and break through her facade, using cocky, playful techniques to “tease” her and make her view you as different from all the other guys …

… then, you’ll use special Tactics to make her feel comfort and sexual attraction with you. Getting her phone number and seeing her tomorrow, or even after her shift, is SO fun and easy … it feels “automatic,” like you’re playing an easy level on a video game that you’ve already mastered.

I don’t know how much longer I can offer this program, because I’ve already been contacted by a powerful Las Vegas strip club boss (this guy makes Tony Soprano look like a pussy)

And as I’m sure you can imagine, he’s not too pleased that I’m spilling the beans about how to seduce “his girls”…

Because every time you visit a strip club and use these methods…and charm the girls and bang them silly without paying one red cent…it’s like you’re snatching money out of the club’s cash register.

So I urge you to grab this $1 offer now — before it’s gone forever. Secrets of Strip Club Seduction was developed by picking up the hottest strippers in gentlemans clubs around the world – throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, and beyond…

No matter where you live, what you look like, or what you do for a living, you’re about to learn rock-solid principles and laser-sharp techniques that YOU can use to connect with the hottest strippers on a new, sexual level.

For me, sometimes it wound up being a night of wild, steamy casual sex. Other times, I would meet a hot dancer who became my girlfriend for a while.

I once had one of the hottest strippers in Las Vegas living with me. She would work a shift on Saturday night and come home with $2,000, easy!

Celebrities and multi-millionaires would personally request dances from her. But at the end of the night, who was she going home to, and making passionate love to? Me.

(I’m not trying to brag — I just want you to know, this stuff works. If I could master these skills and learn how to dominate the strip club game, you can, too.)

My stripper ex-girlfriend gave me priceless information about the psychology of hot dancers and what really goes down in the locker room, where the girls share info and gossip about the customers (as well as the guys they’d like to f**k…)

Hanging out with her and her hot stripper friends gave me a TON of insight into how they think…their sexual wants and needs…their hidden insecurities…and how ANY guy can score one of these stunners, if he knows how how to connect with her on the right wavelength.

Every single tactic, technique & “bulletproof” strategy for seducing strippers is in this book

“Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction” Reveals:

Behind-the-scenes “insider secrets” on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit — and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.

Why strip clubs can actually be better than bars and nightclubs when it comes to picking up hot single women.

A secret Internet forum you don’t know about where real-life strippers post thousands of messages about their jobs, their customers, their problems, and their biggest turn-offs … and turn ons

How to handle the crucial first three minutes of the interaction/conversation.

How to build connections with gentlemans club employees (other than the dancers), so that whenever you visit the club, you have massive social status.

The one word you must NEVER say when talking to a hot stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl’s interest!)

The right way to respond when she asks you, “do you want a dance?” (Hint: it’s not “yes,” and it’s not “no.” I’ll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)

How take her mind off of her job, and get her completely focused on you.

Closely-guarded secrets for controlling the conversation with strippers, so that you never play her game, and bring her into YOUR reality instead.

The five secret methods for “teasing” strippers and making them want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around.

How to identify the phony “signals of interest” that strippers use to manipulate men… and how to know when her interest in you is REAL (it will be, if you use the tips in this guide!)

The intimate details you must get a hot dancer to reveal, if you want her to feel a sexual connection with you.

How to use subconscious phrases to get her in a sexual, spontaneous, “loose” frame of mind — so that she’s up for anything later tonight.

Powerful “deal closers”: my favorite techniques for getting her phone number every time without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift…without spending money.

How to guarantee that she meets you after her shift. (Without using this tactic, there is a 90% chance she will flake out on you — you need to know how to lock down your plans with her and make her eager to be there…)

The unknown reality about the type of guy strippers are really looking to date (trust me, it has nothing to do with looks or money).

Insights from real-life stripper friends of mine, about how they approach their job and the qualities they go for in men. (Their answers are going to shock you — and all of these girls have dated regular customers before!)

How to immediately identify the different types of strippers (Including the “Pro,” the “Semi-Pro,” and the “Rookie” and others) and use laser-sharp tactics to penetrate their barriers.

Where strippers hang out when they’re not working, and how to use power techniques to pick them up in these other environments.

How to manage relationships with the strippers you date, and stay in control at all times.

You’ll also learn the step-by-step guide to pulling off threesomes. Bring two girls home, and have them going wild on each other…and on you.

And much, much more…

If you’re ready to start hooking up with the sexiest dancers at your local clubs… or when you visit other cities, or when you attend your next bachelor party… you cannot lose with this explosive “underground” manual.

Plus, if you act now, we’re going to give you SIX high-powered bonus products absolutely free of charge.

NOTE: We chose to include these bonuses because they are essential in your mission to seduce & date hot strippers, and because we want to give you the best value possible.

BONUS #1: “The Gambler Method: The U.K.’s #1 Pickup Artist and Founder Of PUA Training, “Gambler,” Reveals The Secrets Of International Stripper Game”

In this explosive new addition to the program, I sit down with one of the world’s most notorious pickup artists, “Gambler,” to exchange our personal “secret weapons” for getting hot strippers.

Gambler is the founder of PUA Training, one of the top international seminar companies for guys who want to master the seduction game. He also happens to love banging gorgeous strippers, whether he’s at home in London or tearing up the clubs in New York and Las Vegas.

In this never-before-heard “master class” interview, you’ll learn…

The secrets of “sexual re-framing” — critical for getting strippers (and other super hot women) to feel irresistibly attracted to you.

How to effectively control your conversations with strippers, so that you always know exactly what to say next.

How to get her to come home with you tonight …and if that’s not possible, how to set up a “next meet” that gives you the highest probability of getting laid.

The secret underground tactics that Gambler used to go “four-for-four” recently: four visits to different strip clubs, and sex with four strippers.

And that’s just “the tip of the iceberg.” This interview contains 60 full, uncensored minutes of lethally powerful information on mastering your strip club game. And just wait until you see the next free bonus…

BONUS #2: “Strip Club Game: Insider Secrets”

In this top secret video module, I go one-on-one with the infamous pickup artist Adonis. Most people don’t know that Adonis used to manage some of the hottest strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Yes, in this never-before-seen module, an actual Las Vegas strip club boss “pulls back the curtain” and reveals the insider secrets of how these clubs operate, how strippers think, and how they can be effectively seduced! In this exclusive session you will learn:

How to re-calibrate your confidence and attitude to make a powerful, attractive impression every time you walk into the strip club.

The funny (but totally effective) technique Dean Cortez uses to show a stripper dominant, “Alpha” behavior early in the conversation. (This really starts the interaction on the right track, and this routine is so cool you’ll want to use it tonight…)

Adonis reveals how to “flip the script” so that strippers never view you as a customer…but rather, as a guy they want to have fun with and screw silly…

The 3 Deadly Tactics you must master in order to “pull” strippers every time

BONUS #3: “Secrets of Sexual Mastery”

Yes, Secrets of Strip Seduction is going to help you attract the hottest strippers and get them into bed. But once you’ve got one of these girls ready for sex, it is absolutely essential that you know how to rock her world in the bedroom and guarantee that she comes back for more.

That’s why we turned to the master. The Secrets of Sexual Mastery audio coaching module, which is jam-packed with more than an hour of information, features an exclusive one-on-one “mastermind session” with Nico Simon Princely, the author and “sexpert” who has helped thousands of men worldwide to become better lovers.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Princely opens up and shares dozens of hard-core insights and techniques, including:

The number-one myth that is holding men back from getting more great sex — and how to conquer it

The masculine qualities that women are subconsciously searching for (you’ve already got these qualities …now you’ll know how to unleash them!)

The “weird” evolutionary reasons why women crave sex with Alpha Males — and how you can use your own “inner Alpha qualities” to get beautiful women sexually addicted to you!

The wild true story of how Nico, years ago, got his first stripper into bed … and the one critical mistake he made to screw it up! (Most guys make this same exact mistake, but after learning this lesson you’ll never “blow your chance” again…)

The #1 secret to having sexual power and unstoppable stamina at any age (you’ll be a sexual powerhouse once you master this technique)

Porn star sex tactics for giving women brain-melting multiple orgasms

Nico’s three indispensable rules for being the lover no woman will ever forget

BONUS #4: “Great Lover 101”

You’ll also receive the best-selling ebook Great Lover 101. Chapters include “What Women Wish You Knew”…”Inside the Mindset of a Great Lover”…”The Ten Great Lover Commandments”…and tips on turbo-charging your sexual performance through the use of exercises, herbal supplements, and knowing how to give women unforgettable, earth-shaking orgasms every time. This information is designed to give you amazing stamina and expert sexual technique!

Plus, I’m also going to give to give you an additional one-hour mp3 audio program featuring world-famous dating coach Carlos Xuma. Carlos is without question the #1 authority on how to transform yourself into a supremely confident, focused, sexually attractive Alpha Male.

BONUS #5: “How To Attract Younger Women”

This interview took forever to line up. (Carlos Xuma doesn’t grant many interviews…he’s busy appearing at seminars around the world and charges clients over $1,500 per day for one-on-one coaching.)

But I was finally able to sit down with Carlos and pump him for information on a very important topic, one that has never been covered before in this much depth: How To Attract Younger Women.

This interview covers a whole other aspect of the seduction game. Because let’s face it, most guys prefer women who are younger them themselves.

The problem is, they don’t know the right way to relate to these women and trigger their “attraction switches”…which murders their chances of hooking up.

(By the way, these “younger women” tactics totally apply to strip clubs, where the hottest girls will often be younger than you…)

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, if you want to hook up with younger women — including young, hard-bodied exotic dancers — this bonus module is going to SMASH your limiting beliefs and give you the blueprint for success.

Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to this one several times to soak up the incredible amount of information that Carlos delivers. He digs deep into his own experience to present dozens of tips and techniques, including:

The essential “Inner Game transformation” and mental adjustments you must make in order for younger women to feel a connection with you

How to “turn the tables” and make beautiful younger eager to impress YOU, instead of you trying to impress them

The secret to making younger women view you as a PRIZE, and how to frame yourself as a man of high VALUE (this has nothing to do with your net worth; it’s about communicating your passions, ambitions, and life experience.)

The environments (aside from strip clubs) that are optimal to meet single women and get lots of phone numbers and dates

Fashion, style and grooming tips that are guaranteed to make an awesome first impression

Simple but super-effective approach and conversation techniques that will feel completely natural to her – while YOU are executing a specific action plan

The mental attitude and perspective you must possess to remain sexually attractive to all women, regardless of your age…or theirs

How to pull off the perfect first date with a younger woman – and dazzle her while keeping your spending to a minimum. (Forget about buying gifts and taking her to a fancy restaurant! I’m going to show you a much easier, more effective method).

The critical mistake most men make when trying to flirt with younger women. (I bet you’ve been making this mistake, too — but you aren’t even realizing it.)

How to handle your relationships with younger women, and how to manage their emotional state

And just wait until you dig into this next juicy bonus…

BONUS #6: “The Art of Attraction” book

Your next bonus product is The Art of Attraction by Carlos Xuma. In this indispensable book, Xuma covers a wide range of topics relating to getting the women you want. You’ll learn how to generate interest and attraction with the women you meet. How to feel IN CONTROL of conversations instead of being nervous. How to date multiple women and manage your relationships, while staying in control of your feelings.

You’ll also get techniques for meeting girls in bars and nightclubs, as well as some high-powered tips for Closing the Deal.

BONUS #7: “The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

And you’ll even receive a free copy of The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Inside, you’ll discover dozens of questions submitted by our readers about their specific challenges with women and dating. Then, you’ll get the answers given by some of the world’s top seduction experts.

How to break out of the “friend zone” with a girl and turn her into your girlfriend…how to seduce extremely hot (or “high status”) women…how to amp up your confidenceadvanced conversation and flirting tips so that you always know the right thing to say next…

Every page of this manual is loaded with valuable information and it’s all based on questions about real-life situations you’ve probably gone through yourself (or, you might be stuck in one of these situations right now…and this book will reveal the solution!)

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Dean Cortez – Badboy Blueprint Review | Dean Cortez – Badboy Blueprint Download

This special offer is only valid for today, September 2, 2015.

From: Dean Cortez Date: September 2, 2015

If you want to “flip the switch” and ACCELERATE your success with women, then this might be the most important message you’ll ever read…

But this advanced-level master class isn’t for everyone, so before we go any further, let me ask you…

Have you ever felt that being “too nice” with women is holding you back from getting laid?

Do you ever get stuck in the “friend zone” with girls, because you aren’t sure how to turn them on?

Are you fed up with taking women on dates, spending money, and “taking it slow”…when you’d rather know how to push her sexual triggers and get her into your bed that night?

Would you like to know an easy-to-learn method that gives you the “bad boy edge” with women, and flips the “sexual attraction switch” in their brains so that they actually CHASE you?

Then I want you to read this page carefully…

Because I understand what you’re going through.

I’ve been the victim of Bad Boys…guys who stole the girls I liked and left me feeling frustrated and rejected…

It SUCKS to feel like a “low status” man…having to watch the OTHER guys have all the fun…take their pick of the prettiest girls…and get the attention and sex you deserve…

It’s even worse when you’re trying to make a girl into your girlfriend, but she’s hung up on some Bad Boy she still has feelings for (even though he treated her like trash)…and no matter how “nice” you are to her, you can’t convince her to forget that other guy and be with you…

But she can’t let go of him…because women get addicted to Bad Boys.

For women, hanging out with a Bad Boy is like taking a hit of pure crack cocaine…she instantly wants more. She needs more…

You can’t blame women for lusting after these guys. It’s how they’re wired…Bad Boys make women lose control.

But now I want you to imagine what your life would be like if you had the same power to get women “addicted” to YOU…

If you knew how to “flip the switch” and make women stop seeing you as a “boring nice guy,” and start making them feel wildly turned-on

You’re about to discover how to go from being “pretty good” with women to becoming the super-confident, Alpha Male “Bad Boy” that beautiful women compete for…

Without you having to hang out in bars all night hoping to “get lucky”…

Without you spending money on women taking them out on expensive dates that don’t get you laid…

And without anyone noticing that you’re using a stealthy, calculated method that gives you an unfair advantage over the other guys…

Even the guys who are better-looking than you…

Taller than you…

Drive a nicer car, have more money…

It won’t matter because you will have the edge over all of them.

Because this method that I’m about to show you flips a secret switch in the female brain and makes them feel uncontrollable desire…

Choice #1: Hate the Bad Boys for stealing your women, and keep hoping that someday, somehow, a girl will come along who appreciates you for being such a “nice guy”…


Choice #2: Take Action Now. Eliminate the “wussy” behaviors that that are pushing women away from you…and inject a “bad boy edge” into your attitude and lifestyle that drives women wild with curiosity and excitement…and pulls them towards you.

Once you make this switch, you’re going to handle women…and your dating life…in a radically different way. You’re going to feel energized. You’re going to approach women without stress, without fear, and talk to them with cocky, playful, masculine confidence…

Instead of worrying about “saying the right things,” you’ll know exactly how to control every conversation and push her emotional “hot buttons” so that you guide every interaction towards the result you want…

Imagine knowing the perfect thing to say to any girl to spark a fun conversation…to get her smiling, laughing, and feeling intrigued and curious about you within seconds…

And when you’re carrying yourself with this rocket-charged confidence, you’ll no longer “date” women in the conventional way (taking them out to dinner and a movie, blowing wads of money and feeling stressed-out the whole time because you’re hoping she’ll “like you” enough to want to see you again…

Bad Boys don’t “date” women in that way. They’re unpredictable, spontaneous and FUN – and I’ll show you how to take a woman on a first date she’ll never forget, for less than $20, which virtually guarantees she’ll want to “hook up” at the end of the night.

Instead of trying to impress women, you’ll make them feel the need to impress you…and instead of struggling to get a second date, you’ll have girls chasing YOU to see you again.

Women will literally beg to possess a Bad Boy.

And you don’t need to be a “jerk” to get these results. You just need to understand the exact emotional responses that Bad Boys trigger in women… and then, how to integrate certain techniques into the way you deal with women, to get the same results.

With these “ninja” tactics you can beat the Bad Boys at their own game.

Once women are exposed to the “new” you…the ultra-confident, playful, unpredictable and exciting guy they are hard-wired to want…

Well, this is when women get addicted to you. You trigger emotional responses inside of them that they cannot control.

And you can do this without disrespecting women. Without having to use shady tricks or manipulative behavior. In fact, when you’ve got this “Bad Boy edge”…you’re giving women exactly what they want…what they secretly crave.

So if you’ve ever felt that being “too nice” has been holding you back from getting the girls you want…

It’s OK. It’s not your fault.

You did the best you could with the information you had.

But now I’m going to help you launch your game to the next level…by giving you the closely-guarded secrets that are contained in The Bad Boy Blueprint.

This Advanced-Level “Master Class” begins with The Bad Boy Blueprint manual. Inside, you’ll discover:

bad boy seductionWhy trying to be “friends first” with women murders your chances of getting laid – and how to never get pegged as the “friends only” guy again…

bad boy lifestyleThe 7 “Nice Guy” qualities that doom you to failure with women – and how to eliminate these “wussy behaviors” once and for all…

bad boy attractionHow to use project Bad Boy confidence in an authentic way – so that it’s really YOU, you never feel like you’re pretending, and women won’t think you’re just “acting”…

pick up artist bad boy11 Essential Traits of the Bad Boy that will skyrocket YOU to sexual success – and the deep psychological “buttons” they push in women to literally drive them crazy with desire. Why do women “lose their heads” over Bad Boys? You’re about to find out…and use these same behaviors to get any girl you want…

bad boy pickupHow to be the “leader of your pack” – the fun, social, “connected” guy who is the center of attention on your social scene. Imagine being the guy that your friends call up when they want to go out and have FUN…and girls will be calling you for the same thing…

bad boy puaHow to discard the negative Bad Boy traits, and only use the healthy, positive and empowering qualities that will enhance your lifestyle…and get the best response from women…

How to project “sheer animal magnetism” – a sexy aura of mystery and excitement that women want to be around

bad boy seductionHow to shut down the jerks who try to compete with you for the girls you want – you’ll make them look silly without ever having to confront them…

bad boy blueprintHow to eradicate your own inner “Nice Guy” softness, so that you can truly speak your mind and be respected for your openness and “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude…

bad boy seductionHow to give women intense emotional experiences that addict her to you – and get women to validate themselves to you, without having to “neg” her or putting her down…

bad boy seduction6 proven tactics for burying the “boring” side of your personality, and how to add a “dangerous” and “mysterious” vibe that triggers intense curiosity in women…

girls love bad boys The stealthy “trick” to displaying your raw, masculine, sexual POWER to women so that she knows you’re a man that will satisfy all her desires – and her eye will never “wander…”

bad boy seductionThe 21 specific reasons women are subconsciously attracted to Bad Boys – and how these guys get laid like crazy even if they are inappropriate and sometimes obnoxious. Once you figure out WHY this stuff works, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your own game and get explosive results…

bad boy seductionHow Bad Boys go too far with their behavior – so you know when to stop and never turn people off, while making women feel intensely attracted to you…

bad boy seductionThe secret method that reveals how the Bad Boy maintains his calm, unruffled exterior when approaching and meeting women – and how he gets the inner coolness to not care what women – or anyone – really thinks of him…

bad boy seductionHow to handle the guys who try to make a fool out of you – without getting into a confrontation – or ruining the mood of the group and creating a social disaster…

why do girls like bad boysHow Bad Boys deal with “drama” from girls – and how to overcome a woman’s “tests” so that she knows you’re a MAN who is in control of your own reality…

bad boy attractionHave you ever heard a woman say she wants a “nice guy,” even though you see her doing the complete OPPOSITE in real life? I’ll tell you why this happens, and why this is VITAL to understand if you’re going to become a seduction master…

bad boy seductionHow Bad Boys “blow it” with girls by going TOO FAR. There is a “line” you must be aware of…it’s the difference between being confident and edgy, and being a cocky “jerk” who might get lucky tonight, but won’t make a women feel lasting attraction. Master this principle, and once you seduce a woman you can have her any time you want.

bad boysThe crucial difference between “Bad Boys” and “Players.” These are actually two different kinds of men – and you absolutely need to know how they’re different. I’ll show you the 7 Player Traits that push women away – AND draw them in…

bad boys attract girlsThe “Core 21” lethally seductive traits of the Bad Boy – what they are, how they work, and how you can use them to capture the hearts and fantasies of women…

girls like bad boysFor “Nice Guys,” the most frustrating thing about Bad Boys is that they get MASSIVE results with hot women, without barely having to try. I’ll give you a 7-Step Action Plan for duplicating their success – without having to change your core personality.

bad boy lifestyleSecrets Of Advanced Conversation Control: How to easily stay in command of your conversations with women, from the opening line all the way to the “close” (you’ll NEVER again struggle to figure out “what to say next…” because every step of the way, you’ll know which topic to talk about, which questions to ask, which “buttons” to push to increase her interest and desire…)

bad boy seductionSecrets Of Alpha Male Confidence so that you stay “in the zone” and feel totally cool, confident and comfortable around any woman, no matter how ridiculously f***ing hot she is!!…

And much, much more…

(NOTE: Please use this information ethically and responsibly. These techniques will affect women on a deep, subconscious level and trigger their deepest and wildest sexual desires…)

bad boy lifestyleWhen you take advantage of today’s discount offer, I’m also going to give you The Bad Boy Blueprint Audio Training Course.

This complete audio coaching course features the complete Bad Boy Blueprint program in mp3 format. Listen to it on your computer…or put it on your phone, iPod or music player and soak up this blockbuster seduction crash-course while you’re in the car, at the gym, or anywhere else.

NOTE: The Bad Boy Blueprint Audio Training Course includes multiple bonus sections which expand upon the lessons in the book and penetrate even deeper to reveal the darkest, most powerful secrets of Bad Boy Seduction.

Now because you’ve read this far, I know two very important things:

1. You’re a man who has the balls to take action.

2. You’re a perfect candidate for this system.

So what do you think a fair price would be?

$297 is the regular price of The Bad Boy Blueprint…

But you’re not going to pay $297.

You won’t pay $197.

You won’t even pay $97.

By taking advantage of this one-time-only discount, you’ll add The Bad Boy Blueprint attraction system to your order…

Plus the high-powered bonus products I’m about to show you…

For only $67.

Order today, September 2, 2015, and you’ll also get instant access to SIX explosive “Bad Boy” bonuses…

I have to warn you up front: this controversial video delves into the “dark side” of seduction. Some guys say it’s wrong to seduce a girl who has a boyfriend — but we say, MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.

It’s time for you to stop letting it faze you when a girl tells you that she has a boyfriend. Stop thinking it means you don’t have a chance!

It all depends on how she tells you, and when she tells you. This is where the BOYFRIEND ANNIHILATOR method comes into play. Whatever your feelings are towards “girls with boyfriends,” there is no question that this is a very powerful weapon to have in your “tool kit.”

This explosive Video Training Module will reveal to you:

girls love bad boys The different ways in which women will mention their boyfriends — and what it means. You’ve got to know how to read these signals.(Did you know that if she talks about her boyfriend in a certain way, she is actually signaling to you that she doesn’t want to be with him tonight — and she wants you instead?)

bad boy seduction How to plant subconscious “seeds” in her mind that her boyfriend doesn’t treat her right, and doesn’t deserve her — without you ever saying a single negative thing about him!

bad boys How to handle it when a girl tells you her boyfriend is a “great guy” (which is usually just another way of saying he’s a “boring nice guy” — and how to frame yourself as the exciting, unpredictable Bad Boy who can give her the excitement she secretly craves.

bad boy pua How to get her in the mood for sex tonight by using special language and persuasion tactics.

And much more…

what girls loveBonus Video #2 explains the infamous UNDER THE WIRE method of approaching women, explained for the first time by “RANGER X.” This segment, filmed in a penthouse suite at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, includes live demonstrations with two Playboy Playmates: Shannon Stewart and Katerina Kovac.
Bonus Video #3, “ALPHA TRANSFORMATION,” features a powerful motivational session from a former Marine and Hostage Negotiator who is “Alpha” to the core. In this hard-hitting video you’ll learn how to reprogram your attitude for unstoppable personal power and success.

As part of this valuable bonus package you’ll also receive “Advanced Influence & Conversation Tactics.” This tightly-guarded manual explains how to use the most advanced persuasion methods to turbo charge your conversations with girls and amplify the attraction.

You’ll learn how to flip their “attraction switches” using the most advanced techniques of psychological influence and persuasion to make women feel spontaneous, irresistible sexual attraction.

Never again will you struggle to carry on conversations with women, trying to figure out what to say next, or how to answer HER questions the right way…once you’re armed with these weapons, you’ll smoothly control the flow of the conversation and you’ll always know exactly what to say to drive up her curiosity and desire.

And we’re not finished yet…we saved the best bonus of all for last…

It’s all inside The Bad Boy Blueprint, and this is your chance to get instant access to all of these secrets…

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Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction

Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Review | Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Download

Here’s a tiny sample of what you’ll be uncovering inside:

Why strip clubs can actually be BETTER than bars and nightclubs  to pick up single women and get them to be your girlfriend.
Guaranteed “deal closers”: Under-The-Radar fail-proof techniques for scoring her phone number EVERY TIME without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift … without spending money.
Behind-the-scenes details on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit — and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.
The 7 secret “rules” about dealing with Strippers that will maximize your chance to score and drastically minimize the amount of money you spend.
The 9 things you must NEVER say when talking to a stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl’s interest!)
What a dancer’s boyfriend profile is like and how you can quickly fit that mold and have dancers instantly attracted to you.
The best way to respond when she asks you, “do you want a dance?” to stand out, impress her and get her instantly turned on (Hint: it’s not “yes,” and it’s not “no.” I’ll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)

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Dean Cortez – Secrets of Dating Younger Women PDF Download

Secrets of Dating Younger Women

Secrets of Dating Younger Women – Dean Cortez : When’s the last time you saw a gorgeous younger woman you would have loved to get to know…but you held back and didn’t try anything, because you weren’t sure what to say, or how to create a connection? You figured you wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell with a girl like that, who probably has all kinds of guys chasing after her… So tell me honestly. When you see a super-attractive younger woman, do these thoughts ever run through your head?

“I want to talk to her, but I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to seem like some ‘creepy guy’ who’s trying to hit on her…”
“There’s no point trying to talk to her. A girl that hot is only going to be interested in rich dudes, or ‘bad boys’ her own age…”
“She wouldn’t be into an ‘older man’ like me. She’ll think that I’m boring…and besides, we wouldn’t have anything in common…”

I Used To Let The Same Thoughts Prevent Me From Dating Hot Younger Women. But Then I Learned One EXPLOSIVE Secret…

Here’s the truth: when it comes to seducing younger women, the game changes quite a bit. Once most guys get into their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, they begin to feel that beautiful younger women are no longer a realistic option for them. They think dating and sleeping with hot younger babes (or having an amazing younger girlfriend) is only a fantasy and NOT a real possibility. But this simply is not true — once you learn how younger women are truly “hard-wired” and the qualities that attract them to older guys.

It’s got nothing to do with your financial status. I’m talking about qualities you possess right now that younger women are literally programmed to crave… I’m about to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about younger women — and their “attraction triggers,” which YOU can learn how to stimulate. This information is going to give you endless new sexual and romantic possibilities.

Look, the truth is that women actually prefer older, experienced men. I’m not making this up! This desire is hard-wired into the female brain, and in many countries, older men-younger women relationships are perfectly normal. The problem is, 95% of guys DON’T know how to take action and “break the ice” with younger women… and they fail to understand the core qualities they must project in order to make younger women feel powerful, irresistible sexual attraction.

There are lots of books & programs out there that claim to teach you how to pick up women. But until now, there hasn’t been any effective, practical information on how men can use their experience and maturity to meet, attract and seduce younger women. I decided that if I was going to create a program on Dating Younger Women, I was going to absolutely pull out all the stops and make this the final word on this subject — the only resource a guy like yourself will ever need if you’re interested in crushing the “age gap” and being with sexy younger women.

And so, I spent the last fourteen months lining up exclusive one-on-one interviews with the top experts in the dating and seduction industries.
And now, here is the result.

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Dean Cortez – Get Asian Girls Review | Dean Cortez – Get Asian Girls Download

Look, if you’re like me and you’re “into” Asian women…and you’d like to know exactly how to talk to any beautiful Asian woman you encounter (in person, or on the internet)…if you want to charm them, stimulate their imagination, and make them absolutely tingle with anticipation when you ask them on a date…then I’m about to reveal some extremely powerful secrets about Asian women which took me more than a decade to figure out…

I can promise you, once you start using these tactics with Asian women you are going to fast-track and accelerate every approach, every interaction, every conversation (and even every Internet chat!) towards romance and seduction.

In other words, I’m here to get you laid — not to help you make “friends” with a bunch of women. Screw that. There is a proven, “bulletproof” system for attracting and seducing Asian women — and I’m about to explain it all.

Learn The Perfect Way To Approach Asian Women & Create Attraction (You May Not Have Enough Time To Date All The Girls You’re Going To Meet With These Methods!)

My name is Dean Cortez and I’m the creator of Mack Tactics, the legendary #1 program for guys who want to take their skills and confidence with women to a “rock star” level.

I’ve shown tens of thousands of men around the world the best ways to approach women…how to easily score phone numbers, dates, and “same night lays”…or how to land the ultimate girlfriend.

But personally, I’ve always had a preference for hot Asian girls…and so I spent the past two years putting together the ultimate program on meeting, attracting, picking up and dating Asian women.

If you prefer sexy Asian women (as I do), you don’t want to miss the “underground” tactics I am about to reveal to you.

Maybe you’ve been to a country like Thailand, the Philippines or Japan, and you were blown away by how many beautiful young women were available over there…hoping to fall in love with a Western guy…

If you’ve ever been to Asia, I’m sure you would love to be able to spend more time there. (What guy wouldn’t?) But it’s probably just not possible due your work schedule, family obligations, or the expense of making the trip.

And that’s OK — because I’m sure you’ve seen hot Asian girls in your area. But you need to know the best places to meet them (usually it’s not at bars or nightclubs), and how to “connect” with them in a way that makes them feel attraction and curiosity.

My friend, this is not about your looks…

It’s not about your money…

But it is about understanding how hot Asian girls think, and knowing how to stimulate their “attraction triggers”…so that they will feel a powerful, undeniable, subconscious attraction towards you.

Once you’ve learned these tactics, it’s going to mean:

No more “freezing up” when you see a beautiful Asian girl that you want to approach. You’ll know the exact steps for approaching Asian women in a smooth, confident, playful way that makes them smile, and feel instantly curious to know more about you…

No more winding up in the “Friend Zone” with the Asian girls you like. From now on, you’ll radiate Alpha Male energy and confidence that makes Asian women feel powerful sexual attraction and chemistry with you…

You can forget about wasting any more of your time and hard-earned money taking women out on expensive dates that don’t lead to sex…

And you won’t waste time chatting on the Internet with the wrong Asian girls. (A lot of the Asian women you meet online these days do not have honest intentions…and that’s why I rounded up the top experts on internet dating to show you how to cut through the B.S. and make real connections with the right women.

The reality is, millions of men from America, England, Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries are online right now trying to find a girlfriend in Asia. But rarely does it ever turn into a legitimate “real world” romance. (More often, the poor guy ends up getting played for a fool…)

But this program is also going to to show you how to navigate the tricky world of meeting Asian women online — and give you proven tactics that will ensure you don’t waste your time on the wrong girls, and instead focus on attracting the Asian girls who are honest, loving and right for YOU.

Hot Asian Girls Are Easy To Pick Up When You Use These Techniques…

This revolutionary program is brought to you by the seduction masters at Mack Tactics, the #1-rated system for guys who want to turbo-charge their “game” with women.

Every program created by Mack Tactics is the result of years of in-depth research, and gathering and testing hundreds of techniques from the world’s top dating coaches and pickup artists.

As the founder of Mack Tactics, I’ll tell you honestly that I’ve always loved hot Asian women. I’ve dated many Asian-American girls, and during the years I’ve spent living and working in Asia I’ve been with hundreds more — from models and actresses, to college students and strippers, to airline stewardesses and simple (but amazingly beautiful) women from the most remote provinces of China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand…

Whatever your goals with Asian women are, you need to know this: the differences between the various Asian cultures is huge. That’s why this program contains specific techniques for approaching & talking to Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Thai girls, Filipinas, and many others…

(Trust me — whether you’re trying to score with a sexy Chinese girl or a hottie from the Philippines, their “turn ons” and “turn offs” are completely different from the way you would seduce a woman from your own culture…)

Whether your goal is to date a variety of Asian girls or find your perfect lifetime partner, you need to be properly prepared with the right knowledge and techniques. This is where “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” lays out the ultimate blueprint for your success.


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