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Advanced Mind Control Training

Advanced Mind Control Training by John la Tourrette

John la Tourrette – Advanced Mind Control Training Download

Yes this is what you think it is, control your mind and the minds of others. Plenty you can think of to do with Seduction just remember to leave the person in a better place than you found them. Can’t describe it because this set is not even sold anymore. All I can say is the John’s stuff actually works if you DO THE DRILLS, instead of watching or listening passively to him.

Another John La Tourette’s work that is not on sale anymore. He uses various energy methods other than the Silva method in this training. John’s training method is acceptable to many but may not be acceptable to some.

This consists of a fair amount of NLP, some huna and numerous demonstrations about directing one’s thought energy to lead to an outcome with many drills that are essential to making the techniques work in practical application.
One thing about this guy. People tend to like or despise him. If you want someone with a white lab coat… Look elsewhere. There is a tinge of snake oil with latourette, but he is at least entertaining and more than slightly cocky.

Lots of snake-oil mixed in with lots of really great energy & huna information.  Keep your critical factor working


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