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The Power of Body Language with Vanessa Van Edwards

This is a master class focusing on decoding nonverbal, power body language, human lie detection and body language in business.


How strong is your first impression? Join me for a three-day course on using non-verbal communication to become the most memorable person in any room.

I will show you how to read people by gauging their visual cues, how to use body language to your advantage in meetings, and how to tell if people are lying. This course will positively affect every part of your professional life –– I will even cover voice modulation so you can impress clients in phone conversations, as well as “statement analysis” to help you write powerful emails, website copy, and business cards! By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify exactly what impression your verbal and nonverbal language is giving, and how to increase it.


This will be a very active and fun course. Here are some of the activities we will be doing:

  • Live body language critiques
  • Human lie detection demonstration
  • Decoding nonverbal cues
  • Interactive practice on social media and with the audience

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Laws of Body Language
  • 10 Traits of Likeable People
  • How to Be Charismatic
  • Increase Your Influence with Body Language
  • How to Know if Someone is Lying to You
  • How to Increase Your Sales with Nonverbal

Who Is This For?

If you interact with other people on a regular basis you have to know what your nonverbal is saying. This class will show you how to interact in:

  • Business world
  • Social environment
  • Romantic situations

If you are in one of my other courses, this is the advanced class.


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