2 Girls Teach Sex – The Book

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2 Girls Teach Sex – The Book PDF Download | 2 Girls Teach Sex – The Book PDF Review

This eBook from the 2 Girls Teach Sex team summarizes a lot of the advice given in their portfolio of DVD products.

It covers sexual positions, sexual techniques and why they are important to your relationships with women (and attraction).

• The Missing Link Between Emotions and strong Orgasms  – The scientific finding that connects emotions and orgasms.

• The Science of Sex  – Evolutionary findings about how women choose their mates…and how giving her mind-blowing sex can help you win out in the survival of the fittest.

• Being “THE MAN” vs. Being Mean – Become her ultimate fantasy and learn how to be the cool, confident Adonis with authority…beaming with sex appeal…and how different it is from being “just a jerk”

• Her Most Sensitive hot spots  – The super hidden erogenous zones that most women don’t even know about…and how to handle them the right way.

• Cheating The Cheater  – How a woman’s natural biological reactions cause her to cheat…and how to avoid it happening to you.

• OK Sex vs. Amazing Sex  – Spot the difference…and get her from 0 – 60 with these moves.

• Her Tell-Tale Signs of Boredom – The SUPER subtle clues to look for that will help you read her body language like a pro…and get her from ice cold to sizzling hot instantly.

• Shawna’s Fun with Foreplay  – Shawna’s hottest foreplay techniques revealed.

• The Tantalizing Hand Touch – Lexi Belle’s super advanced way to get her soaking wet and wild in seconds…just by touching her hand.

• The Mystery of Multiple Orgasms Revealed!  – Discover the 3 types of multiple orgasms and how to give them to her over and over again.

• The Power Penetrator  – The penetration technique that gives a new twist on thrusting.

• Inside The Mind of a Faker  – Get insider access to spotting a “fake” and make sure it never happens to you from now on.

• The REAL Orgasm Zone  – The secret most elusive pleasure zone on a woman…and why most men never hit it.

• Doggy-See, Doggy-Do  – A super graphic picture tutorial of a highly advanced version of the doggy style…and how to last even longer in it!

• The Roaring Dragon and Intimate Spoon – Shawna and friends reveal their favorite sex positions…and explain in explicit detail how they like to be touched and tortured during sex.


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