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Aaron Sleazy – Flirting Formula PDF Download

Are you sick and tired of women ignoring you?head - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection

Michael Anderson

“This is unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s not just another ebook or course… It’s a simple step-by-step formula that helps you talk to women so they feel immediately attracted to you. Take a few minutes to learn how to grab these exact, step-by-step secrets and…

…crawl inside the head of a flirting expert who’s been through the heart ache of dating so you can understand how to attract women without any hassles or frustrations — even if you’re shy around women, and even if you’ve tried everything but failed miserably

“If you want to take control of your dating life then keep reading, it may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

letter s - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collectioneveral months ago, I started up a conversation with two attractive women outside a local bar. After talking to them for several minutes, my friend and I walked into the bar, and that’s when it happened…

Even though we told these girls we would catch up later, they wouldn’t leave us alone. (Not even for one minute!)

They bought us drinks, gladly drove us around for the night, gave us their numbers and begged us to see them again.

In fact, these are the same typical superior women you see cold-shoulder, laugh and reject men everywhere they go. (At times, even before guys open their mouths!)

So the question is: What did I “say” to make these unapproachable women fall “head over heels” for us? Before I answer this question let me ask you…

16 01 - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle CollectionIt’s 9:15pm and you feel it again…

Your palms sweat, your heart thumps and your mind races at 100 miles an hour. There, standing only a few feet away is a beautiful woman you’d like to meet and

Not only does she have the perfect body, beautiful face and golden tan, but her eyes are so magnetic you can’t help but continue to admire her and notice how see seems to light up the room with her wonderful personality.

…she’s your perfect woman.

But no matter how much you pump yourself up, you can’t build up the courage to walk over and start a conversation with her because you realize you don’t know what to say and want to avoid feeling embarrassed at all costs because she might laugh at you.

The Biggest Mistake Men
Make With Women…

I know exactly how you feel and I promise that your situation is NOT helpless. Like you, I used to never have the courage to walk up to women because I never knew what to say.

You see, the big problem is that men keep doing the same things that never work, over and over again. Eventually they believe that all beautiful women are mean and give up, settling for any woman they can get – or even worse – no woman at all.

So let me ask you this: Do you want to crawl through life without the sort of women you deserve, feeling depressed and lonely? Let’s face it, this is disturbing to even think about. And that’s why you want to end your frustration.

Here’s How To Attract The
Women You’ve Always Wanted

Suppose you could say a few simple phrases and have a woman fall head over heels for you?

Just like the dating masters, imagine you walk into a local bar. With a confident smile, you effortlessly approach a beautiful woman and introduce yourself. Then you make her laugh, smile and enjoy your company to the point that she bites her lip, trying to hold back her obvious attraction for you.

And then, all the jealous men become speechless, as they watch you whisper something into her ear and walk out the door with her in your arm.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not if you know how to flirt with women. Why? Because if you knew exactly what to say and how to act, wouldn’t that give you the total confidence you need to walk up to any woman and increase your chances of attracting her?

As a matter of fact, attracting women is actually easier than you think… when you know how to communicate with them properly.

Think about it. Knowing how to talk to women is the most powerful skill you could ever learn if you want to flood your calendar with dates. You can’t just walk up to a woman and expect to kiss her, can you? You need to learn how to talk to a woman before you can make her your girlfriend.

But why is learning to talk to women so important? Because women need to feel some connection before they decide to want to move deeper in the relationship. And the only way to do this is by… saying the right things.

Simply put, knowing how to talk with women is like having a cupid’s bow and arrow that you can freely “aim and fire” to captivate any woman and make her hypnotically attracted to you… anywhere, anytime.

But Knowing What To Say
Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years of frustration, rejection and heartache to figure out just the right combinations that make some conversations work while others fall flat on their face.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to feel the pain of unnecessary rejections and embarrassing moments in the dating world. It’s a waste of time, money, and bottom line – your dignity.

But instead of making unnecessary humiliating mistakes with women and trying to come up with just the right words to say, you can save time, end frustration, and attract women faster by learning proven, tested strategies that you can apply immediately.

And that’s only the beginning.

This means you’ll understand what women really want and how to be successful yourself, so you can easily repeat the process on your own, in the future.

In fact, now you don’t have to spend money getting drunk in bars, going home empty-handed, or investing in dinners and movies on dates that never call back. Now you can have it all in this proven, tested communication system called:

FlirtingFormula2 2 - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection

Attract the women you’ve always wanted

“Flirting Formula”

In less than an hour you can be using real-life examples of proven techniques, tips and strategies to talk to women and charm them.

Listen, whether you want to pick up the hot chicks that until now have never given your a second glance or just win over your dream girl and snuggle up on the couch together, “Flirting Formula – Dating Success System” will help you to reach your goals.

Why? Because this system has been specifically designed for guys who want to attract women in these situations… just like you!

You learn…

    • How to approach women without fear…
    • How to start conversations with ease…
    • How to keep interesting conversations going…
    • How to avoid awkward silences…
    • What topics to talk about on dates…
    • How to talk on the phone…
    • And how to flirt so that women feel attracted to you…

      I Know What You’re Thinking  And The Answer Is…

      … No!

      It’s NOT sleazy pickup lines that get you slapped in the face
      It’s NOT boring 20 page scripts that come off looking rehearsed
      It’s NOThypnotic mumbo jumbo that leaves guys acting like stalkers

      It’s… a simple proven system for having fun conversations with women by using your natural masculine qualities to attract women. Including…

      1. Sample lines that make her laugh…
      2. Exciting conversations that keep her interested…
      3. Fun games that make you stand out…
      4. And proven formulas that ensure you never run out of things to say…

      …And much much more!

    • You’ll project your most attractive personality traits towards women, simply by choosing the right words. Now, I know what you’re thinking…

      Will This Work
      For You?

      Look, whether you’re talking to the trickiest “cold shoulder” women or the sweetest nice girls, the chances are you can utilize my techniques to make women like you.

      Why? Because I’ve personally tested and developed these techniques myself in the real world as a result of my own dating experiences with women.

      In fact, having real world examples means you get word-for-word phrases you can repeat, instead of plain and boring “text book theory” or concepts like “be yourself” or “just smile” that leave you scratching your head.

      And now I’m ready to pass my secrets onto you. Why? Because I want you to become what women call “irresistible.” Let me explain. You see, to be quite honest, most women find football players and bad boys very unfulfilling.

      While women seem to be attracted to these men, over time their attraction wears off and leaves them wanting “a quality man.”

      And that’s where you come in!

      Listen, I’m going to show you how to talk so women find you irresistible, step-by-step. This means you’ll not only attract women but also keep them. And now the question still remains…

      Why Should You
      Listen To Me?

      My name is Michael Anderson and over the past 3 years I’ve approached and flirted with over 213 women in places such as: bars, clubs, house parties, shopping malls, the streets, beaches, parks, festivals just to name a few.

      (And these are just the times I can remember!)

      I’ve flirted with women in large groups and women by themselves, and during these conversations I’ve tested and experimented with more techniques and methods than you can imagine!

    03 01 - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection

    As a result of these conversations, I’ve dated dozens of women that I could only have dreamed about several years ago.

    These women were beautiful, intelligent, kind, and in high demand. However, I have now settled down and found an exceptional woman who I am now happily dating.

      • In addition, I have helped countless men from all over the world reach the level of success they want with women, including countries spreading as far as: USA to Australia, United Kingdom to India and Iceland to Mexico, just to name a few.

        That’s right, this system works in countries all over the world! Why? Because it’s based on human psychology, which is the same everywhere.

        But enough about me…

        Here’s Just A Taste of The Flirting
        ‘Secrets’ Revealed Inside…

        You’re about to learn…

        • 4 ways to start conversations with beautiful women without making a fool of yourself or feeling scared… you’ll approach women without hesitation and never miss another opportunity again (pg. 56 – 57)
        • 4 words that get women you’ve never spoken to before open up to you… avoid the “cold shoulder of death” that most men experience during a pick up, and triple your chances of getting her phone number after using this simple technique (pg. 59)
        • 16 ways to keep an interesting conversation going with any woman… avoid awkward silences with women and give them an amazing first impression which will leave them wanting to see you again (pg. 94)
        • How to ask a woman for her phone number without making a fool out of yourself… never feel scared or nervous to ask a woman for her number ever again (pg. 80)
        • A proven short word-for-word phone conversation you can use to set up dates with women… avoid the “should I call her?” anxiety by knowing exactly what to say (pg. 70)
        • 5 hot topics to talk about during first dates and 4 topics that put women to sleep… follow this and she’ll be hinting at “date 2” before the first one is even over. (pg. 74)
        • 3 ways to make women laugh even if you’re not funny or can’t tell a joke… use just one of these techniques and she’ll be bragging about you to her friends long after your conversation (pg. 54)
        • 2 words that bring intimate ideas into a perfectly normal conversation without looking like a pervert or sleaze… hit the secret psychological triggers that make women see you as a potential lover rather than just a friend (pg. 106)
        • The little-known way of using pickup lines that actually work! (Hint: it’s not when you approach women!)… she’ll be hanging off your every word, wondering how you know so much about women (pg. 113)
        • The hilarious game you can play to make a woman pick you over other guys… other men will be amazed and jealous as they see you walking away with the woman they want on YOUR arm (pg. 112)
        • Why frowning can actually increase a woman’s attraction… learn a flirting technique that will make women smile and laugh (pg. 118)
        • One question that will most likely have a woman playfully grabbing you!… build valuable trust by crossing the critical “touch barrier” in an innocent and playful way (pg. 100)
        • Two dialogues of seductive conversations and how to use them… bringing ideas into a woman’s mind and get her linking you to thoughts of “pleasure” and “intimacy” (pg. 91)
        • And much more…

        Learn Dating Secrets That Most
        Men Will Never Know…

        Make no mistake: Flirting Formula is filled with hundreds of lines, games and fun flirting techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

        My experience will show you why knowing how to talk to girls means nothing if you don’t know all the rules of dating and how to handle the main dating situations. So that’s why…

        You’ll also learn…

        • The secret way women want men to behave on dates that they’ll never tell you… this is the single biggest reason most men fail to get a second date with women! (pg. 15)
        • 5 body language tips that by-pass women’s defense shields when you approach them for the first time… you’ll get more numbers, more often, using these five tips (pg. 39- 41)
        • The single most powerful attitude you can cultivate to attract any woman guaranteed… master this and attracting women becomes almost “too easy” (pg. 24)
        • 7 ways that guys make women nervous without even realizing it, and how to avoid them… learn why women reject men even before they open their mouths, and ensure that this never happens to you (pg. 41)
        • The very first place you should touch a women and how to do it without getting weird looks or rejected… get to the point where hugging and kissing her is normal. Often the first physical contact is the hardest to do (pg. 86)
        • 5 magnetic personality traits women wish every man had… use just the first trait and you’ll attract women more than you ever thought possible. (pg. 14 -20)
        • How to tell a woman you like her by using the “popcorn trick”… communicate your interest in a woman without ever getting rejected! (pg. 77)
        • The very best gift you can give a woman (no it’s not pleasure, hugs, kisses or even material possessions)… this one’s guaranteed to surprise you! (pg. 103)
        • 5 techniques to quickly and easily turn women on… don’t be surprised if she’ ready to get a little physical with you right there and then. (pg. 92)
        • The best time of day to find beautiful women in 4 locations… save hours of time as you go straight to where your ideal women is and increase the chance of finding your dream girl (pg. 49)
        • The single most important action you must take at the end of your first date… do this and she’ll be thinking about you all week. Hint: it’s not kissing her! (pg. 78 – Dating Guideline #1)
        • 5 ways to find men who are expert flirters that you can spy on and ethically steal their best ideas … shave years off your learning curve as you watch what successful guys do with your own eyes (pg. 43 – 44)
        • How long you should wait before you call women … wait too long and she’ll forget about you, call too early and you look desperate (pg. 68)
        • How being chivalrous can actually work against you and end your relationship… learn how to do gentlemanly acts properly so women want to see you again, and keep them interested as long as you like (pg. 81)
        • One thing you must do when a woman is over at your house for the first time… failure to do this could mean her walking out on you (pg. 88)
        • The single most important piece of clothing you need to make a great first impression with an attractive woman… triple your chances of scoring a first date with stylish women. First impressions mean everything in dating (pg. 83)
        • 3 online dating tips that help you find beautiful women… increase your chances by 300% of meeting your real life dream girl offline who has everything you’ve been looking for. (pg. 51 – 53)
        • The two best online dating sites that actually get results, and which dating sites you should never use… if you don’t use these sites you’ll waste your time, money and probably never meet anyone online. (pg. 52)
        • And much, much more…
        • You may still be a bit skeptical, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results. If I keep touching a hot stove and keep getting burned – I’d be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won’t get burnt again.

          That’s why I want to let you try out my proven flirting system – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

          Okay, So What’s The Cost
          Of This Incredible Dating System?

          Do you want more success with women for the rest of your life?

          Some men would pay hundreds, even thousands for this information. Other guys consider it priceless. And what you probably don’t realize is, it’s costing you more money NOT to buy this book. Let me explain…

          Most guys empty their pockets every single week trying to attract women. They either buy new clothes or get drunk at clubs. And for all this money, most guys come home… empty handed.

          In fact, I know a guy that recently spent $200 in one week going to clubs and bars trying to attract women – but was unsuccessful. This money could have definitely been better spent!

          So here’s the deal: Flirting Formula is available to you as a downloadable ebook, directly accessible from the Internet.

          Yes, this means you don’t have to pay for shipping or even wait for the post man to deliver anything to your door. And don’t worry, downloading the information in Flirting Formula is a real snap. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

          And If That’s Not Enough…

          Needless to say, this information is jam packed with jealously guarded secrets to meet and date the women you’ve always wanted. But just to sweeten the pot a bit, I’m also going to hand you 2 special bonuses to reward you for taking action immediately.

      Bonus 1: The Complete Guide To Overcome Fear, Shyness and Explode Your Confidence Around Women

      You’ll learn…

      • The two best ways to overcome shyness around women so you have the confidence to approach, ask for her number, kiss her and more
      • Learn how to de-code 4 “under-the-radar” signals that women give off to show that they’re interested in you and use this to get an instant surge of “she wants me” confidence so you never miss another opportunity to date a woman
      • The little-known technique that builds up a woman’s attraction and comfortable level so she wants to get intimate with you faster. (Most guys turn women off when they touch them, learn how to be the unique and interesting one)
      • 7 ways to know that a woman is not interested… learn when to cut your loses short so you never waste your valuable time or money talking to these teases
      • The quickest way to get a woman comfortable around you. (Hint: It’s not touching, complimenting or even talking to them.)
      • One phrase that helps you start approaching beautiful women you’ve never met… using this technique and you can almost never get rejected
      • A powerful “reversal” technique that helps get over the fear of calling, kissing and getting intimate with women… do this technique just 3 times and you can double your confidence
      • The single best way to overcome rejection from women … in all my years of learning and teaching this stuff, nothing even comes close to this powerful secret!
      • And much much more…

      Bonus 2: Step-by-Step Guide To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs

      You learn…

      • A great line to start conversations with groups of women… become accepted by the entire group (including the woman you want) as you impress them with your ability to keep energetic and fun conversation going for hours.
      • 5 biggest mistakes men make in clubs and bars, and how to avoid them… these mistakes are responsible for men spending over 200 bucks per week at clubs and going home alone
      • The single most important thing you need to do if you want to leave with a woman… the answer is guaranteed to shock you!
      • 2 things you must do the moment you enter a club or bar… almost every single man is guilty of not doing this, which is the cause of his failure to bring a woman home
      • 3 ways to talk to women in groups to attract the hottest woman… gain an unfair advantage over other men in the club, and even get these men away from women you like without lifting a finger yourself!
      • 3 steps to get a woman alone with you without any interruption from her friends… avoid her friends pulling your woman away or trying to ruin your night and set their minds at ease so you can make your woman even more attracted to you
      • The single most important thing you need to do with the woman the second you’re alone together… (Hint: It’s NOT kissing, flirting, groping or even trying to leave the club!)
      • Should you dance in clubs? Learn what works best so you can get women interested in you and take them home
      • How long you need to spend with a woman before she’ll leave with you. she’ll have no objections or excuses after you build strong levels of comfort and trust with the woman for the right amount of time. (Too little time and she’ll reject your invitation, too long and she’ll get bored and go home with her friends. Learn how long you really need.)
      • The best line you can use to get a woman to leave the bar with you without looking like a fool or desperate guy… this works so well her friends won’t even object to your requests
      • And much much more
        • Aaron Sleazy – Club Game The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars PDF Download

      51 HA1u Mf6 L SY344 BO1 204 203 200 - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection

      • In Club Game, Aaron Sleazy systematically and thoroughly describes how you can maximize your chances for success with the women you meet in clubs and bars. The knowledge in this book is based on the experience he gained in years spent partying, mainly in the hottest clubs and bars of London and Berlin. Through his life as a Lothario, Aaron Sleazy had innumerable pleasurable encounters with women, but he also gained many invaluable insights. Consequently, Club Game contains Aaron Sleazy’s distilled wisdom on clubs and bars, and serves as an effective crash course to success with women in that environment. For more on Aaron Sleazy, visit his official website at AaronSleazy.com.
      • Club Game is the guide to success in clubs and bars. It covers everything you need to know, including the following:·non-traditional fashion advice
        ·finding the right scene for you
        ·dealing with social pressure
        ·the importance of polarization
        ·how to become a much cooler guy
        ·what girls are looking for
        ·how clubs and social circles relate to each other
        ·understanding the doorman (door policy)
        ·going out with friends and on your own
        ·alcohol and drugs: pros and cons
        ·club logistics
        ·female receptivity throughout the night
        ·how to effectively meet women
        ·specific signals
        ·general signals
        ·subtle signals
        ·capitalizing on opportunities
        ·successful approaches
        ·dealing with groups
        ·dance floor approaches
        ·three great game plans: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
        ·dealing with distractions
        ·recovering from semi-successful attempts

      Aaron Sleazy – Overcoming the Seduction Community

      aaron sleazy debunking - Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection

      Aaron Sleazy – Debunking The Seduction Community

      Debunking the Seduction Community is a free ebook on the problematic foundations of the seduction industry. It exposes many of the myths purported by the vast majority of businesses active in this field.

      Aaron Sleazy – Debunking the Seduction Community (Cover)

      This book has two goals: First, it aims to expose the mainstream seduction industry, to describe its borderline fraudulent machinations, and to explain why it can’t keep its promises. As a contrast, in the second part I describe how simple seduction really is. The principles are in fact so simple that it is no surprise why the human race has prospered for so long. (Don’t worry, not all of them are completely obvious.) If you have problems attracting women, this book will give you some blunt pointers on what to do.

      However, if you have not been exposed to the seduction industry before, feel free to skip the first part altogether, or read it strictly for entertainment purposes.

      Key points:

         * Commercial foundations of the seduction industry
         * Why game is not the “great equalizer”
         * The disastrous role of Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”
         * Why phone numbers and make outs are red herrings for seduction
         * The unfortunate marriage of new age and the pickup scene
         * A very simple overview of seduction and how it really works.

      Best of Aaron Sleazy Blog & Forum Collection

      This is 200+ pages of great information. From this compilation you will learn why most of community theory is BS, and what are the simple and legit seduction techniques.

      Through writing about his sexual adventures candidly on forums and blogs, Aaron Sleazy gained notoriety but also a dedicated group of followers who were eager to learn from him. After numerous requests, he began sharing his insights in interviews and his books. His position is that seduction is mutual, direct, sexual — and not in the least manipulative. The latter led him to become a fierce critic of the commercial seduction industry.

      Aaron Sleazy has personally helped hundreds of men to improve their love life, in and outside of relationships. If you don’t have much luck with women, you have come to the right place. But even if you are already successful, you will learn how to get similar results in much less time and with much less effort. Getting laid doesn’t have to be difficult.



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