Akasha Rainbow – What Is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm

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Akasha Rainbow – What Is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm PDF Download

Akasha Rainbow What Is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm - Akasha Rainbow - What Is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm

What is third eye chakra orgasm: Opening and awakening human potential

Many books on third eye opening – only one on third eye orgasm.

Go on an amazing journey of self discovery to meet yourself at your highest, most blissful, ecstatic potential.Find easy to read techniques to align body, mind & spirit and awaken the pineal gland.

Open your third eye to higher states of consciousness, with meditations & daily practices, and create an open channel between you and the divine.

Can orgasms really be so good they could make a woman give up chocolate?

Finally a way that makes spirituality as simple as getting naked with ourselves.
Did anyone ever tell you that to have an orgasm we don’t even need to touch ourselves? This book is all about incorporating the elusive energy orgasm into our self love and spiritual practice. Read the first hand account of a woman who has them, has lots of them, has received them, and would like you to have them too. How can it get better than that?

Read on to discover:

    • Awakening the pineal gland to converse with your inner divine self
    • Techniques for having orgasms in all 7 chakras of the body
    • Transforming the obstacles we face to feel even more orgasmic energy
    • How to totally relax to experience the healing fire of the generative life force
    • Aligning our beings to create a direct and open channel to hear our spirit’s call
    • Anchoring our higher selves in our bodies to be the utter joy and complete bliss that is our human destiny.

    Third eye orgasm – an orgasm that’s so good, it’s in your head
    Enlightenment has never been such a turn on!
    Go on an amazing adventure of discovering yourself at your highest, most blissful, ecstatic potential. Find easy to read instructional techniques on how to align body, mind and spirit, to create an open channel between you and the divine, to give you access to energy and awareness that you always knew you were born to and catapult you on the path to fulfilling the divine blueprint of your ultimate destiny.

    Amust have read for anyone interested in:

    Becoming multi-orgasmic and spontaneously orgasmic energetically everyday
    Transforming old wounds into profound new healing that will astound you
    The secrets to attracting a life more amazing than we imagine possible
    Raising the bar in tantra and tantric awakening, life coaching, and meditation.
    About the Author, Akasha Rainbow:
    An energy worker and writer on how to achieve higher states of consciousness and being by opening the third eye and awakening the pineal gland; how to know when we are following our Hero’s calling and embodying our soul purpose with somatic awareness and Hara line healing; and how to heal ourselves from an energetic, Core Essence, basis, to live from a place of ecstatic integrity and authenticity. Her other books are Lightworker Energy Healing, with Awaken the Flame and Supernatural Birth upcoming in 2015/16.




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