Alpha Playboy & NightClub Bible – Christian McQueen

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Christian McQueen – The Alpha Playboy PDF Download

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MYTH 1: You need to be wealthy and famous to be a playboy
MYTH 2: A normal man cannot build a harem of beautiful girls.
MYTH 3: It takes years to achieve the alpha playboy lifestyle.

I can tell you that this perception that playboys must be famous, wealthy men is patently FALSE. The playboy lifestyle is accessible to ANYONE willing to put in the effort to achieve it. And it doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t take fame. I started out as a nobody and accomplished this enviable lifestyle from years of my own effort. BUT IT WONT TAKE YEARS FOR YOU! I would love to give you the opportunity to learn from my journey that took me from nobody to ALPHA PLAYBOY.

I Guarantee This Is the Simplest Way for ANY Guy To Start LIVING the Dream of the Playboy Lifestyle.

Christian McQueen – NightClub Bible PDF Download

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Info: Christian McQueen here, VIP Host, columnist on and coach of the Vegas Hangover Experience.
But I didn’t start that way.  In fact, I’m one of those guys who initially “failed” at even getting into top nightclubs, let alone picking up women in them.  This failure created a burning desire to conquer the nightclub world.  And now as a VIP Host and former owner of an afterhours club in Los Angeles, its safe to say I did.
Now…I’m giving away all my Secrets.  For less than one cover charge and a drink at a decent nightclub.
Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’re About To Learn:
The Art of the Approach: everything you’ve ever wanted to know on how to approach girls.  Includes real life examples and strategies. Pg. 18
The one thing to NEVER do when out on a date…if you want to get laid that is. Pg. 34
The 5 Steps to Sex: Once she’s inside your spot, how to get inside of her….step-by-step. Pg. 49
Personal style Guide: I break down EXACTLY what to wear no matter what type of nightclub you are into.  This is worth more than the price of the Nightclub Bible itself. Pg. 60
Why Knowing Your Niche can make or break you in nightclubs and how to find out your niche even if you have no clue right now. Pg. 54
My Exact Mindset when I’m in the club: Including what I say AND WHY I say it. Pg. 92
The ONE thing that is life-changing when you prep for your night out. Pg. 68
Short Guy Game: How to Pick Up Women if you are shorter than average. Pg. 115
Promoter and Hosting Game: How To Get a Free Table + Free Bottles (Step by Step) pg. 112and a TON more…
Look, I’m not a professional tennis player and I’ll never be in the NBA, but what I am an expert on, is nightlife and picking up women in clubs.
I know what it feels like to stand outside of a club waiting in line, because I WAS that guy years ago. I swore to myself I would learn the secrets and never deal with being an outsider again. Setting out on a mission with a vengeance, I put in the time and effort and can now say with great confidence that I am one of, if not THE top Nightlife expert in America.



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