Arash Dibazar – Prometheus

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Arash Dibazar – Prometheus Review | Arash Dibazar – Prometheus Download

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In this 3 disc DVD set Arash Dibazar teaches some of his most highly guarded secrets when it comes to inner game. Get the knowledge you need to rise from the fire within.

Topics covered include:
  • If there are multiple 9s and 10s in a set which one should I go after and do I have the best chance?
  • If a guy is disrespecting your girl how do you deal with him?
  • How to deal with cockblockers
  • If you have a girlfriend and are going to get into the pickup arts, how do you frame it so that it doesn’t mess up the relationship?
  • Society’s conditioning which prevents us from getting women
  • Expressing one’s personality and being an outcast
  • Using one’s personal skills to attract women
  • Never apologize for your survival
  • The importance of having a look/archetype
  • Body language
  • Using Manu’s acting techniques to help with gaming


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