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poertia - Books by Portia Da Costa Collection Download

In Too Deep

Librarian Gwendolynne Price starts finding indecent proposals and sexy stories in her suggestion box every morning. Shocked that they seem to be tailored specifically to her own deepest sexual fantasies, she begins a tantalising relationship with a man she’s never met.

At the same time, she’s fast getting involved with a man she has met. Superstar historian Professor Daniel Brewster is on sabbatical, researching in the library. The glamorous academic sets women’s hearts thudding all over the country, but Gwendolynne is the one he quickly shows an interest in…

The Accidental Call Girl (Accidental #1)

It’s the ultimate fantasy:
When Lizzie meets an attractive older man in the bar of a luxury hotel, he mistakes her for a high class call girl on the look-out for a wealthy client.

With a man she can’t resist…
Lizzie finds herself following him to his hotel room for an unforgettable night where she learns the pleasures of submitting to the hands of a master. But what will happen when John discovers that Lizzie is far more than she seems…?

The Accidental Mistress (Accidental #2)

After being mistaken for a high-class call girl when they first met, Lizzie now enjoys a fiery relationship with John, her gorgeous and incredibly rich older man. Devoted, romantic and devilishly kinky, John knows exactly how to satisfy her every need.

The Accidental Bride (Accidental #3)

Now living together, Lizzie and John enjoy a state of blissfully uncomplicated pleasure – and an increasingly tumultuous sex life.

But when an old flame from John’s past turns up unannounced, his and Lizzie’s relationship is suddenly thrown into question.

In the Flesh (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #5)

Posing nude to appease her now ex-fiancé perhaps wasn’t the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. With the photographs scrutinized by both high society and low, and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s hopes of making a respectable marriage are dashed.

How to Seduce a Billionaire

Twenty-nine year old virgin Jess Lockhart has had to put her life on hold due to family commitments, but now it’s time to break out and start enjoying sex and love. Trickily for her, years of artistic dreaming and fantasising about her first ever lover have given her impossibly high standards where men are concerned

In the Flesh (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #5)

Posing nude to appease her now ex-fiancé perhaps wasn’t the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. With the photographs scrutinized by both high society and low, and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s hopes of making a respectable marriage are dashed.

Tempted by Two (In Love with Two Men)

From the pen of Sunday Times bestselling author Portia Da Costa comes a tale of delicious menage pleasure, set in a picturesque English village.

Intimate Exposure

From the moment Red Webster arrived at executive Vicki Renard’s firm, sparks flew between them. The photographer is supposed to create a company profile for its new owner, but he spends most of his time flirting with her. His sexy teasing infuriates Vicki…and piques a desire to submit to him. His hypnotic eyes promise what she’s been secretly craving: a sexually dominant master, like the ones in her favorite erotic novels.

Entertaining Mr Stone

When Maria Lewis moves back to her hometown, the quiet life she is looking for is quickly disrupted by the enigmatic presence of her new boss, Robert Stone.

A sexy, powerful older man, he seduces Maria into a deliciously erotic underworld. But will she ever be more than Mr Stone’s plaything?

Far From Perfect

Enduring passion, turbulent emotions, and an engagement of convenience…

At age twenty, Anna Felgate rid herself of her unwanted virginity with the one man she adored—Nick Lisitano, long-time family friend and legendary lover. But that one taste of passion branded her soul for all time—and still casts a long shadow, four celibate years later.

A Gentlewoman’s Predicament (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #1)

Sofia Harewood’s problem: finding a partner who can please her in the bedroom better than her disappointing first husband! She senses there should be so much more to lovemaking–and she’s determined to discover what she’s been missing.

The Tutor

An arousing tale of erotic initiation written by a pioneer of erotica…When Rosalind Howard becomes Julian Hadey’s private librarian she soon finds herself attracted by his persuasive charms and distinguished appearance. He is an unashamed sensualist who, together with his wife, Celeste, has hatched an intriguing challenge for their new employee. As well as cataloguing their collection of erotica, Rosie is expected to educate Celeste’s young and beautiful cousin David in the arts of erotic love. Having led a sheltered life, the young man is simmering with youthful passion. In luxurious surroundings Rosie finds herself drawn into increasingly decadent scenarios where experimental sex is on the menu and like-minded libertines read the rewards of unbridled desire.

A Gentlewoman’s Ravishment (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #2)

When the women of the Ladies’ Sewing Circle share their private fantasies, some are shocked by Mrs. Prudence Enderby’s secret desire. But Prudence cannot image life without such exotic daydreams–especially since they arouse her husband, too!

Twice the Pleasure

In high school, Caitlyn once got the chance to make out with her crush Drew Hartley in the gym storeroom…until they were interrupted by Drew’s friend, Steve.

Now at their ten-year reunion, Caitlyn finds herself sharing another passionate encounter with Drew–with Steve arriving on-scene once again. But this time he-s not going to stop them. He-s there to join in….

Gothic Blue

At an archduke’s reception, a handsome young nobleman falls under the spell of a malevolent but irresistible sorceress. Two hundred years later, Belinda Seward also falls prey to sensual forces she can neither understand nor control. Stranded by a thunderstorm at a remote Gothic priory, Belinda and her boyfriend are drawn into an enclosed world of luxurious decadence and sexual alchemy. Their host is the courteous but melancholic André von Kastel; a beautiful aristocrat who mourns his lost love. He has plans for Belinda – plans which will take her into the realms of obsessive love and the erotic paranormal.

A Gentlewoman’s Pleasure (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #3)

Miss Lucy Dawson always thought she was dull compared to the other women in the Ladies’ Sewing Circle, who never hesitate to share stories of their naughty exploits and fantasies. As a plain, eccentric spinster with spectacles and a bicycle, Lucy hasn’t enjoyed a man’s touch for years–though she yearns to experience the full pleasure of lovemaking

Second Time Around

When Willa spots her ex-husband, James, eying her seductively at their school reunion, she is instantly aroused. No longer the mild-mannered man she married, James is darker and sexier and eager to be in command. For the first time in their relationship, James is in control and Willa is helpless before him. And she likes it.

A Gentlewoman’s Dalliance (The Ladies’ Sewing Circle #4)

Mary Brigstock and her husband have no difficulty maintaining the passion in their marriage, but even the most ardent lovers crave new experiences. When Mary tells the Ladies’ Sewing Circle that she wants her husband to spank her, their worldly hostess arranges exactly what she desires: the services of an expert disciplinarian who can teach the Brigstocks how to make their wicked fantasy a reality….

The Devil Inside

In order to satisfy her strange and voluptuous new appetites, she is compelled to seek the enigmatic and sophisticated doctors at an exclusive medical practice in London. Their specialist knowledge of psycho-sexual medicine takes Alexa into a wolrd of bizarre fetishism and erotic indulgence. And one particularly attractive doctor has concocted a plan which will prove to be the ultimate test of her senses…

Bound Brits: Anthology

A mesmerising collection of sizzling sexy bondage and BDSM short stories from some of today’s hottest erotic romance authors

In Sebastian’s Hands

When Megan meets Sebastian Holmwood at a fancy dress party, she little realizes how her life is going to change. Sebastian is a beautiful and unusual man with an irresistible dark mystique about him. The glint in his silver blue eyes, and the velvet rasp of his deep baritone voice make her want to do crazy things. Suddenly she finds herself longing to play perverse erotic games almost beyond her imagination. She wants Sebastian to spank her, touch her, dominate her, take her over in every way possible… and she knows that with him, the pleasure she earns will blow her mind.

Fire and Ice

Super efficient P.A. Cally Hobbes is head over heels in love with her handsome boss, the urbane and delicious Innes McKenzie. Day after day, beneath her cool, businesslike exterior, she’s simmering hot for him, and she knows he’s not entirely immune to her either, despite their perfectly platonic working relationship.

Gothic Heat

Paula Beckett has a problem. The spirit of the wicked and voluptuous sorceress Isidora Katori is trying to possess her body and Paula finds herself driven by dark desires and a delicious wanton recklessness. Rafe Hathaway is irresistibly drawn to both women. But who will he finally choose? Feisty and sexy Paula, who is fighting impossible odds to hang on to her very existence, or sultry and ruthless Isidora who offers him the key to immortal life?


Pride comes before a fall…but what if that descent becomes the wildest ride of your life? Two sisters – Natalie and Patti – become rivals when they challenge each other’s daring and begin a dark, downward spiral where nobody is quite who or what they seem, and transgressing sexual boundaries is the norm.

An Appointment with Her Master (His by Choice #1)

Shy, but secretly sexy and imaginative, Mary-Anne Green fantasizes about having her bottom spanked by a stern and powerful master, the beautiful, cultured hero of her wildest dreams. She longs to feel the hand of a dominant man upon her, punishing her flesh, then caressing it to the heights of exquisite pleasure.

Ecstasy in the White Room (3 Colors Sexy #3)

This is a gorgeous room. So white and tranquil and glamorous, like something from a thirties movie set. From his pocket, Simon retrieves a white plastic rectangle. It’s an invitation to a very exclusive private function, extended only to certain guests. The white card was in our welcome basket, along with the sex toys, and neither of us was quite sure whether we’d accept tonight…until now.

Discipline of the Blue Book (3 Colors Sexy #1)

I can’t stop looking at it. This book I found tucked at the back of the bookshelf in our holiday cottage. I’m reading the Blue Book, or more accurately, looking at its pictures again and again. It must be based on some real need. Some real kink. Somebody must have wanted it

Object of Desire

Doctor Nathaniel Gowen is a hunk, and when he puts his godlike body through a series of graceful Tai Chi moves outside in their communal garden, Sylvia Bradford can’t help but desire him. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man.

There’s just one problem though. She’s never spoken to him beyond saying ‘hello’ and she’s having difficulty coming up with an opening gambit.

His Secret (Secret Pleasures #1)

Sarah adores him, but she knows that despite the deliciousness of their lovemaking, their shared interests, and the fun they have together, there’s a certain special something missing in their relationship.

The Efficiency Expert

Still stinging from a stringent management review at her workplace, office girl Susie encounters the very last man she wants to meet when she hits her favorite bar to relax and unwind. Gorgeous Noah Stevens is the ruthless company troubleshooter who’s been making her life hell for the past three weeks, but after hours, he soon proves that his dedication to “efficiency” can work wonders in the bedroom.

Another Chance

It’s been a long time since Maud Piper has had a lover, particularly one who can give her what she really wants: the masterful hand of a strong, powerful man. The sting of pain that turns into pleasure.

Magic and Desire

Ill Met by Moonlight – Can it be possible that a handsome stranger met by moonlight is a mischievous fairy out to sample a taste of human love and passion? But what will happen when the magic witching month of May is over?

The House of Dust – Ishara must descend into the Underworld and brave its challenges in order to bring her lover back from the dead.

The Dragon Lord – In the misty marshlands of Navarone, the Princess is being married. Her parents desperately hope this will cure her lustfulness and tendency to play with fire – she lights fires in the grate with her eyes, when no-one is looking and she is lustful in a land of rigid morality.

Her Secret (Secret Pleasures #3)

Jamie Lennox is the first man that Susannah ever loved, but now he’s different, dangerous and more devastatingly attractive than ever before. Their reunion is passionate and perverse, a thrilling exchange of power and pleasure. Can this lover from Susannah’s past become the master of her future?

Their Secret (Secret Pleasures #2)

After a sizzling online correspondence with “Mr Jones”, Maggie eagerly anticipates a delicious rendezvous with him at the luxury country house hotel, The Retreat.

But the dominant alpha male she discovers in their suite is even more of an enigma than ever… and the very last man she expected him to be.

Lessons and Lovers

Wealthy widow Hettie Miller misses her dead husband terribly, but is still beset by a gnawing physical desire. Lonely and confused, she turns to Starr, her late husband’s personal assistant, who discreetly supplies an after dark solution. At night, he comes to her bed and thrills her with intense, breath-taking sex, even though by day, their employer/employee relationship is scrupulously formal and hands off.

And Many More

Carew, Opal & Costa, Portia Da & Ellis, Madelynne – Mastered_ Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender).epub
Lloyd, Kristina & Portia Da Costa & Madden, Mathilde – Lust Bites (The Vampire’s Heart; Under Her Skin; Buddies Don’t Bite).epub
Portia Da Costa & Lloyd, Kristina & Holly, Emma – Blacklace 1 [Anthology] (2010).epub
Portia Da Costa – [12 Shades Of Surrender 2] – Chance of a Lifetime.epub
Portia Da Costa – [3 Colors Sexy 3] – Ecstasy in the White Room.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Accidental 1] – The Accidental Call Girl.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Accidental 2] – The Accidental Mistress.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Accidental 3] – The Accidental Bride.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Delicious Masters] – Delicious Pain (2012, MF).epub
Portia Da Costa – [Delicious Masters] – Naughty Thoughts (2012, MF).epub
Portia Da Costa – [His By Choice 2] – Another Appointment (2014).epub
Portia Da Costa – [How to Seduce a Billionaire] – Black Lace .epub
Portia Da Costa – [Risque Reunions 1] – Twice the Pleasure.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Risque Reunions 2] – Second Time Around.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Risque Reunions 3] – No Longer Forbidden.epub
Portia Da Costa – [Secret Pleasures 2] – Their Secret .epub
Portia Da Costa – [Secret Pleasures 3] – Her Secret.epub
Portia Da Costa – [The Ladies’ Sewing Circle 1] – A Gentlewoman’s Predicament.epub
Portia Da Costa – [The Ladies’ Sewing Circle 2] – A Gentlewoman’s Ravishment.epub
Portia Da Costa – [The Ladies’ Sewing Circle 3] – A Gentlewoman’s Pleasure.epub
Portia Da Costa – [The Ladies’ Sewing Circle 4] – A Gentlewoman’s Dalliance.epub
Portia Da Costa – [The Ladies’ Sewing Circle 5] – In the Flesh.epub
Portia Da Costa – [WOTWS] – Power of Three .epub
Portia Da Costa – A Touch of Heaven ( Samhain).epub
Portia Da Costa – Daringinterludes.epub
Portia Da Costa – Delicious Pleasure Boxed Set.epub
Portia Da Costa – Diamonds in the Rough .epub
Portia Da Costa – Entre les lignes.epub
Portia Da Costa – Far From Perfect.epub
Portia Da Costa – Fire and Ice.epub
Portia Da Costa – Gemini Heat.epub
Portia Da Costa – Haus der Sünde.epub
Portia Da Costa – In Too Deep.epub
Portia Da Costa – Intimate Exposure.epub
Portia Da Costa – Lessons and Lovers.epub
Portia Da Costa – Object Of Desire.epub
Portia Da Costa – Power of Three (2011).epub
Portia Da Costa – Ritual of the Red Chair.epub
Portia Da Costa – The Devil Inside.epub
Portia Da Costa – The Efficiency Expert .epub
Portia Da Costa – The Gift (Kiss It Better).epub
Portia Da Costa – The Red Collection.epub
Portia Da Costa – Wesley and the Sex Zombies (2011).epub
Portia Da Costa – Wild in the Country.epub
Portia, Da Costa – Discipline Of The Blue Book.epub
Portia Da Costa – Gothic Blue .html
Portia Da Costa – The Stranger.html
Portia Da Costa – A Gentlewoman’s Predicament .lit
Portia Da Costa – Chance of a Lifetime .lit
Portia Da Costa – Second Time Around .lit
Portia Da Costa – Twice the Pleasure .lit
Portia Da Costa – Discipline of the Blue
Portia Da Costa & Ryan, Cassidy – Bound Brits .pdf
Portia Da Costa – Eyes of Desire .pdf
Portia Da Costa – I’ll Met by Moonlight .pdf
Portia Da Costa – The Retreat .pdf
Portia Da Costa – Gavin’s hand .rtf
Portia Da Costa – The Tutor.rtf
Portia Da Costa & Kristina, Emma Holly – blacklace1 .txt

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