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For the first time ever, the path to being a Sexually Confident man is being laid out in front of you in a step-by-step interactive coaching club

Imagine how it would feel if you had the freedom to choose to settle down with your dream girl or have multiple relationships at once at any time. Imagine walking through your everyday life having a superior level of confidence within yourself, knowing with absolute certainty that whatever woman you are most attracted to is going to be most attracted to and want you.

Imagine having the ability to create those crazy HOT Movie Moments where you can look a woman in her eyes and feel nothing but feelings of passion, excitement, uncertainty, lust, and love, as you watch the sexual chemistry build to the point where it is not a question of ‘if’ you will be with her, but rather ‘when’. Imagine how your life would be different if you had women qualifying themselves to you and even buy you drinks while your friends are scratching their heads wondering what the hell you just did.

Imagine being so comfortable and open with your sexuality that you naturally bring out a woman’s deepest, darkest sexual desires that gets her so sexually turned on that she literally cannot resist you, ‘which typically ends up in some super-hot, crazy sex in the most random places’. Imagine how cool it would feel to let a woman know that you want her without saying a single word. Imagine being able to look at a girl and know within seconds if you’re going to have sex or not.

How would you feel if this were true for you? Pretty fucking cool right!?!?!?

Skyy Lifestyles Coaching Club can make all this and so much more become a reality for you.

Skyy Lifestyles coaching club gives YOU the ability to literally create and direct your dating life the way you want it to be no matter what your past is. So that means whatever it is that you could dream up, fantasize about, or wish for, we provide you with everything you need so you can begin living it! It is a complete transformation process that helps you develop all of the key qualities and characteristics of an attractive man with sex appeal that has this choice with the women he desires.

Whether you want to meet a different woman every night of the week, have four girlfriends at a single time, or even find that special one and settle down, it is all possible – the Skyy is the limit! It doesn’t matter if you’re a thirty- or forty-year-old virgin, currently have a decent dating life and want more choice, or even already or even have a girlfriend and want to spice things up, —this program will change your life.

This is NOT some 3 day seminar or some 8 week coaching program where you learn a lot of cool stuff and then go back to your old life doing the same old shit. This is an ongoing, interactive coaching program that offers an incredible amount of ongoing Guidance, Support and Tools that are proven to TOTALLY TRANSFORM your life. It incorporates all the key elements a man needs to make a real, lasting change.

With the simple instruction and tangible action steps every single week it is designed to expand your current reality, challenge you and take you beyond what you ever thought possible. Along with the incredible amount of guidance you receive from Cory himself, you also have a superior level of support from the Skyy Mentors which are a select few guys that have already gone through the program and transformed their lives and have a huge passion for helping more guys achieve this epic lifestyle.

You can’t take back the past nor can you change it…BUT YOU SURE AS HELL CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE!

Within 12 months you willLook different  –  Talk different  –  Walk different  –  Feel different  –  Live different

Develop a Magnetic Personality

  • Attract the women you want most – naturally and effortlessly

  • Have a unique sex appeal or edge that attracts women to you

  • Have a have a fun, playful & flirtatious personality

  • Be crystal clear about who you are and what you want

  • Have the freedom to be true to your core values

  • Have an optimistic, charming and charismatic personality

  • Be and live free to speak your mind from an authentic place

Develop True Connection 

  • Be extremely comfortable with every facet of yourself

  • Have the ability to create unexplainable connections with women

  • Create insane, natural connections that feel as if it was meant to be

  • Be able to connect and communicate with women non-verbally

  • Create insane chemistry and escalate quickly

  • Enter into a pure state of transcendence where nothing else matters

  • Never feel like you need to have the perfect thing to say or do

Develop a Kick Ass Lifestyle

  • Create an attractive lifestyle that women want to be part of

  • Have the confidence to interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere

  • Develop a fun, kick a** adventurous social life

  • Create the lifestyle you want to live – not what others want for you

  • Break out of the social norm and do things that make you feel alive

  • Develop great relationships based on respect

  • Surround yourself with good people that support you

Develop a Rock Solid Mindset

  • Reprogram your thinking and think like an attractive man

  • See yourself as a high value, confident, attractive man

  • Have an ‘I Am the Prize’ attitude

  • Install a bulletproof sense of self-confidence

  • Banish your insecurities & fears about women forever

  • Be free to express yourself sexually without saying a word

  • Have such a deep amount of respect for yourself

There is nothing remotely comparable

What you will learn and get out of this program is NOT being taught anywhere else, it is from Cory’s own personal experience from actually living it for the last 20 years and from ‘helping others just like you-live it for the last 7 year’. The experiences and lifestyle you will have by going through this program will blow your mind. Guaranteed

Don’t take my word for it…

I recently sent out a questioner to several guys that have gone through the Skyy Lifestyles Club and this is what one guy had to say:

Question: What are the actions you have taken since starting the program that have had the biggest impact on you? What positive results have come from those actions?

1. The challenges – Doing these challenges have changed me inside-out, I’m more confident, bada*s and don’t really give a sh*t about what other people think about me. I was a complete nice guy a year back and now see myself having an edge, a bad boy vibe.

2. Assignments – Apart from getting crystal clear about my goals and what I want, the assignments have made me clear in figuring out who I am, what I want and allowed me to finally let go of the past. Cory has been extremely helpful and generous in giving us different tools to work with every month and this has made me more confident, s*xy, authentic, and open to endless possibilities.

3. Attending the webinars- Just being on the calls help you to pick out Cory’s energy, his vibe. You can see by the way he behaves in these calls; it’s quite obvious that women love him and want him. The calls are hilarious and a positive force every week and I have a blast just being present for these calls. Sometimes I have to take them at 4 a.m. in the morning because of being in a different time-zone but it’s worth it!

I’ve changed completely, I can have a blast everywhere I go, women find me attractive and gravitate towards me, my colleagues think of me as the most awesome, fun guy. I’m extremely open with my s*xuality and women love this, I’m also starting to have connections with beautiful women where you lock eyes and you’re just lost in the moment….

Recently I attracted a beautiful model in my life. It was quite funny how it happened. My roommate and I met these girls and one of them was a former TV reality show actress, model and she was totally into me even though my room-mate is good-looking and usually gets all the attention from women. This shattered my entire beliefs of what women find attractive in a man. It has been an adventure with her ever since and the connection that I have with her is incredible!

Honestly I am having the time of my life; everything from traveling, limo rides, pool parties, crazy interactions with strangers, to sunsets on the beach with beautiful girls I just met, the list goes on. This is all something that I could barely dream of a year back as I was extremely shy and not outgoing at all. Just the thought of going to a club used to bring up uncomfortable feelings before and now I’m so comfortable in my skin that I find it easy to meet people everywhere I go.

Mindset Foundation
Part 1: The Foundation of Being Great with Women
Part 2: Knowing What You Want
Part 3: Evaluation and Planning
Part 4: How Things Work in Everyday Life

Eye Contact-Body Language
Part 1: How to Communicate with Women on a Non-Verbal Level
Part 2: How to Make Eye Contact with Everybody in the Room
Part 3: How to Make Eye Contact and ‘Lock Eyes’ with Any Girl You Want in the Room
Part 4: How to Position Yourself Anywhere for Maximum Presence
Part 5: Secrets to Amping-Up a Girl’s Sexual Impulses

Personal Style
Part 1: Personal Style Evaluation
Part 2: Clothes Shopping
Part 3: Accessories
Part 4: Hairstyle, Facial Hair, & Grooming
Part 5: Home Decor

Part 1: Opening up-Interacting and Connecting
Part 2: Putting Yourself into Alignment with What You Want
Part 3: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Advanced Topics
Part 1: How to Keep Relationships Hot
Part 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships
Part 3: Advanced Movements
Part 4: ‘Speaking’ on a Non-Verbal Level
Part 5: Women Want to Want You-How to Let it Happen
Part 6: You Have NO Competition
Part 7: Connecting with Women Emotionally

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