Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction by Dean Cortez

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Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Review | Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Download

Here’s a tiny sample of what you’ll be uncovering inside:

Why strip clubs can actually be BETTER than bars and nightclubs  to pick up single women and get them to be your girlfriend.
Guaranteed “deal closers”: Under-The-Radar fail-proof techniques for scoring her phone number EVERY TIME without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift … without spending money.
Behind-the-scenes details on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit — and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.
The 7 secret “rules” about dealing with Strippers that will maximize your chance to score and drastically minimize the amount of money you spend.
The 9 things you must NEVER say when talking to a stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl’s interest!)
What a dancer’s boyfriend profile is like and how you can quickly fit that mold and have dancers instantly attracted to you.
The best way to respond when she asks you, “do you want a dance?” to stand out, impress her and get her instantly turned on (Hint: it’s not “yes,” and it’s not “no.” I’ll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)

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