(Essential Skills) Anchoring and Other Sneaky Stuff

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(Essential Skills) Anchoring and Other Sneaky Stuff Download

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What is Anchoring?

Anchoring is the skill of taking an object and attaching an emotion to it.
That sounds interesting but how is it USEFUL? Well imagine this. If you are in sales and you can anchor trust and reliability to your product, do you think it will be easier to sell? If you are in a job interview and you can anchor the feeling of their best friend and attach it to you, do you think you might get better treatment? If you are meeting someone of the opposite sex and you anchor curiosity do you think they might be more interested?
The answer to all of those is yes!
These are the skills you will learn from this product. How do conversationally and COVERTLY be able to set and use Anchoring to have MASSIVE influence in any situation.
Then add a 100% Money Back Guarantee!Anchors of Attraction Explained

18 minutes of GOLD!!!!!! Step by step explanation showing you what you missed.

You will also learn

Lightning quick elicitations of states Anchor ANYone ANYwhere in just secondsQuick state accelerators

Condiment anchoring demystified

Learn the secrets of mapping anchors
Our first video set covered the basics of anchoring and how easy it is to understand. Now get real world applications that will make you a master of this skill. 4 solid hours of information that is guaranteed to give you a full understanding of one of the most POWERFUL and COVERT methods of persuasion.4 DVD Set



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