Higher Status Program (25 Day Transformation)

Jason Capital – Higher Status Program (25 Day Transformation)

higher status - Higher Status Program (25 Day Transformation)

When you’re High Status, you’re giving off the RIGHT, ultra-attractive signals.

Like it or not…

When you’re talking to that attractive stranger (or even if you’re just exchanging glances from a distance)…

She’s picking up subconscious signals from you. She’s tuning in to your status, thinking, “Hmm, yes or no?”

But what most people don’t understand is these Status Signals are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

Women. Wealth. Friendship. Respect. Everything.
Mastering The Art of Being High-Status…
Now, if you’re unaware of it, you just go about your life thinking you have little say in what happens to you.

You think other people get lucky. You react to situations.

And you don’t feel like you have ANY control over your life…Yet, mastering the art of high status helps you gain control of this signal…

And when you can do that?

You gain total mastery over every area of your life. You begin to “magnetize” the things you want towards you.

Whether it’s women, money, freedom, a booming business, a buzzing social life… whatever you want…

Upgrading your STATUS not only lets you hunt down your “wants” more easily…

… it ATTRACTS them to you. You deserve that, don’t you?
Take A Look At How Being High Status Has Let Me Create, Sculpt and Design My Own Perfect Lifestyle…

FIVE YEARS AGO, I was worse off than most people. I was dead broke. I had to sell my car just to pay for the plane ticket back home…where I moved back into my parent’s basement.

I felt like everyone was moving ahead, and I was getting left behind. But today, I LOVE my life…

Nowadays, TV stars, celebrities and multi-millionaire CEO’s invite me to parties… wait for me to call them back and look to me for advice, guidance and support…
I fly first-class around the world and bring my girlfriend and friends with me.
I get a VIP welcoming party when we travel to places like Bali, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Bora Bora, and we party with the locals (BONUS: even though I often don’t speak the language, I find myself surrounded by dozens of beautiful local girls everywhere I go)

I haven’t NOT been a VIP and seated at a VIP table with bottle service at a club in almost 3 years…rarely do I pay for it. Bottle service girls STEAL my phone so they can sneak into the back and put their phone number in it…
I’ve sculpted my body, adding an extra 31 lbs of muscle while still keeping my 6-pack.
I’ve made millions of dollars every year since 2013.
The White House recognized me as a Top 100 Entrepreneur.
I enjoy total freedom and control all the time. I never have to be anywhere for anybody if I don’t want to. I do what I want, I go where I want, I say what I want, I get what I want and I get who I want, all whenever I want.

You already have Status. You just haven’t figured out yet how to claim it. To do it. To wear it. To be it.

Quite the transformation for me, huh?

What’s the secret?

It’s a natural consequence of leveraging “high status”.

A lot of these things are outward High-Status experiences and symbols.

That’s all great but, as you’ll see in a moment, it starts with you internalizing and BEING High-Status first, on the inside.
The effects of mastering high status will stick with you for the rest of your life…

Your body language will change. Your sense of style, your vocal tonality, your charisma, your direction, your purpose in life, your walk, your eye contact and the ease with which you build rapport… all will be recharged and upgraded permanently.

So if you’re ready… and if you’ll permit me… I’d like to introduce you to my ‘magnum opus’…

The Higher Status Video Program
Gives You Instant Access To The Following:

The Higher Status Video Program:
Yes, I want to get my dream life, master my relationships and emotions and accelerate my goals with your 25-Day Transformation Technology.
Become Higher Status Even While You Sleep:
I’ll get 3 subliminal audios to install Higher-Status even more personally into my subconscious while I’m at the gym, on the way to work or even while I sleep.

VIP Membership To Jason’s Exclusive Inner Circle:
I will also get direct access to Jason to get my questions answered.
Quote-Of-The-Day Premium Bonus:
I will receive the “Quote-Of-The-Day” video summaries. Now I am getting Jason’s premium library of quotes and his take on how he uses them to get ahead and live his dream life everyday. I am aware this bonus is not available anywhere to the public.
3 Levels Of Bonuses, including the Turbo Bonuses:
I get immediate access to the one-time bonus material including: Wealth Creation Secrets of Billionaires, Access to the Private Facebook Social Networking Group, Romance and Passion Secrets, and Jason’s Ultra Memory System for remembering life’s most important messages.


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