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Want to know even more about how to find the perfect slave or submissive online?

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably taken my free course on improving your chances on kinky dating sites. (If not, you should definitely check it out.)

Which means you’ve been there. You’ve been in the trenches of the BDSM dating scene.

You know what it’s like to send out dozens of messages and get no responses. To check your “profile views” – and not have had any submissives looking.

I’ve been there too.

But eventually I figured out that it wasn’t me – just a lot of little, hard-to-spot, awkward things that were standing between me and the hot submissives I wanted to meet.

The lessons in the free course are taken from that experience. And apparently they’re working well – thanks for the nice messages, guys!

These tips work:

“Ive applied some of your suggestions, if you want an endorsement, I can vouch they worked.”

“Lobo Steel”, by email

Well, I’ve got good news. There’s more. A lot more.

If you want to supercharge your quest to find a submissive – or hey, a few submissives! – read on.

I’ve been meeting women from these sites for more than 10 years

A little while ago, I figured it all out. How to meet, date and play with beautiful submissive women, using BDSM dating sites like and

I’m not Brad Pitt or Marilyn Manson. In fact I’m kinda fat, and I wear glasses. I’m not in the “BDSM scene” as such. And I don’t have a great dress sense either, unless you count “anything goes with black” as a dress sense.

When I started trying to meet women to turn my domination fantasies into reality, I had no success at all, for – literally – years. (I’m a stubborn bastard.)

I kept trying different things, and trying to understand what I got wrong. I got one reply. Then several.

I started to understand why I wasn’t having success – and it was nothing to do with my looks, or my wallet, just how I understood what I was doing. And then I started having a LOT of success.

Since then I’ve had multiple slave girls at the same time, all from one kinky dating site. I’ve had relationships with hot newbies who dreamed of being walked in public on a leash and gorgeous, depraved, experienced slaves who’d let me do whatever I wanted.

TIP: all the conventional rubbish about “men contact women, not the other way around” isn’t true. Use these sites right and the slavegirl of your dreams will call you.
And then I met the girl of my dreams. (Yeah, she’s kinky.)

We’ve been together for two years now – so I don’t need to use any dating sites or the skills I developed any more.

And so I decided I wanted to give other people like you the information you need to actually meet submissive, sexy women who would never get in contact before.

The free Find Kink course was the first part of that. The project you’re reading about now – “How To Find Your Sex Slave” – is the next, bigger, better stage.

A Reader Says:

I didn’t think a course like this would be specific enough to be helpful.

But I found it full of detailed practical advice: I hadn’t thought of the ways it outlines to research and improve your profile, for example, or the ideas for specifically attracting “types” of subs.

It’s surprisingly well-written too! Recommended.

– John aka northernsou1 @

The good news is this: you can learn to use kinky dating sites right, no matter who you are. And with some work, you can get the result you want – a happy, horny, naked slavegirl curled up at your feet.

You can find a beautiful submissive girl no matter who you are

Anyone can fulfil their dominant fantasies, no matter if you’re experienced or not, young or not, rich or not. In fact, I talk a lot about the reasons why that is, and how you can make yourself attractive to submissive women whoever you are, in this course.

You don’t have to be an experienced Dominant guy, or smooth and witty. You don’t even need to be confident – plenty of Dom guys are shy in real life.

When I started having real success, I’d had almost no experience being a Dominant at all, and I was nervous as hell.

When I met my first (slim, 5’ 10”, blonde) slavegirl I found through, I was pretty much terrified – but I also fulfilled about six fantasies in the first night, and we kept playing for months.

I’ll teach you how to find the girls you’re interested in, how to find the ones who will be interested in you (there are more of them than you think!), and the greatest secret to turning what you might think of as weaknesses into the reason why people contact you.

Oh, and you don’t have to be an asshole either. I’ve got no time for that.

Everything I learned and everything I teach is based on the principle that you’re a person who wants to dominate hot girls, your eventual submissive is a person who wants a guy to dominate her, and that it’s perfectly natural that the two of you should get together.

Learn everything you’ll need to have the kinky experiences you’re dreaming of

This isn’t a small course.

“How To Meet Your Sex Slave” is over 100 pages of advice taken directly from my experience. (Although if you prefer to act rather than read, you can take it a section at a time!)

How to choose photos.
What the most important parts of your profile are.
How to write to submissive girls, even models and porn actresses (seriously – they’re people too!), and get an enthusiastic response.
All the things that may have tripped you up or stopped you from getting responses or interest before, explained and solved.

This course used to be one book, but as it’s become more and more information-packed, it was obvious I needed to split it up. More than 80 pages of dating info is a lot to digest in one chunk!

Jane’s Guide reviewed this course:

I’ll be honest with you, I clicked on this link and started the review prepared to be annoyed.

… I got to see the full Deluxe version in pdf format, and I have to say that I was pretty surprised. It actually seemed to offer up solid advice on this topic, and it gave helpful links to outside reading materials freely available online.

If you are feeling absolutely lost in the world of BDSM online dating and can’t seem to find helpful advice, I’d actually recommend this.

– Jane’s Adult Website Review Guide | Read full review

So I’ve split it into 4 easy-to-read comprehensive guides so that you can grab the advice you need, fast:

Learn the mindset that will give you success

The most important element of success with BDSM online dating is having the right mindset as to how it works. (And I do mean BDSM dating specifically – no generic vanilla dating tips here)

The 20-page “Principles” module lets you

Learn how you can confidently approach the beautiful slavegirls you see.

Make using BDSM sites fun and confidence-building rather than frustrating and scary.

Learn how to present yourself so submissives will find you intruiging – without changing who you are.

Learn how to soothe submissives’ fears so that they’ll enthusiastically reply to you.
Discover the hidden feature of your dating site that will put you way ahead of other men.
In addition, the “Principles” module also goes through every type of site you can potentially meet submissives on – from to NewbieNudes – and tells you which sites work and which ones will just waste your money.

I even have a suggestion for completely free dating that’ll still work for you.

If you hired a dating coach, they’d spend at least 2 hours going through this stuff – at $150 an hour or so – if they even knew it!

Have submissive women pleading for your attention

You’ll have heard that “Men message, women only respond”. Don’t know if it’s true in vanilla dating, but it’s certainly not true in the BDSM world – if you know how to write a great profile.

The 21-page “Profile” module teaches you to:

Write an irresistable Dominant profile, even if you’re not very confident.

Perfect the most vital sentence in your profile to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Attract more submissive women by specifying who you’re not interested in.

Be comfortable writing a profile where you sound sexy as hell!

Use what’s unique about you to meet women I wouldn’t stand a chance with.
Using this guide, you’ll be able to write a profile that will turn submissive women’s heads. There are companies out there on the ‘net that will charge you $350 or more for a simple profile rewrite.

This guide will let you write a better one – because you care more – for free.

Post pictures that potential submissives will find irresistable

Idiotic magazines say “Women aren’t visual”. Yeah, right. Once you have great photos, the number of women viewing your profile will skyrocket.

The 14-page “Photo” module lets you:

Chose the shots that are proven to work best – so you don’t have to worry.

Learn why you shouldn’t wear a hat, and other hidden blunders that might ruin your chances

Take great photos of yourself, even if you’re camera-shy.

Check for absolute certain whether your photos look sexy to your potential submissives.
In addition, the guide includes a special section on how to get yourself the most valuable type of photo for BDSM sites – one where you’re actually demonstrating your BDSM skills with a submissive. Sounds impossible if you haven’t already met a submissive girl?

It’s not – but you have to know how to do it. And once you’ve got photographic evidence you’re able to Dom for real, the number of women who want to meet you will skyrocket.

(I don’t even want to think what you’d get charged to get “action shots” any other way – but it’d be in the hundreds of dollars at least.)

Make contacting slavegirls fun – and successful!

Sending a message to a beautiful woman you’ve never met saying, in essence, “I want to tie you up and fuck you” can be pretty terrifying. And once you’ve spent time on a message, it’s depressing if you don’t get a response. If you’ve spent a lot of time contacting women who never got back to you, you’ll find this module particularly interesting – it’ll solves both those problems.

You’ll actually enjoy contacting people with this 23-page guide:

Learn why you should contact the most gorgeous girls – and expect a response.

Discover what signs show a woman won’t reply – so you only contact the ones who will.

Write introductions that’ll mean your messages almost never get ignored

Learn how NOT to write emails that’ll make girls think you’re creepy.

Learn how to read her profile and use her language to make a strong connection.

Learn how to keep the conversation going so that she wants to meet you in the flesh.
Contacting people is probably the hardest part of using BDSM dating sites. Believe it or not, there are companies out there that charge $700 per month to handle it for you! I think reading this module is a better option…

By understanding how to make it fun both for you and her, you’ll conquer the biggest stumbling block of online dating.

Get the course!

“How To Meet Your Sex Slave” comes in two different flavours: Standard and Deluxe:


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