John Blaze – Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer

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John Blaze – Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer Download

John Blaze Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer - John Blaze - Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer
John Blaze – Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer Download

Here’s the Notes & the Audio on How to use the Darkside of Seduction to your favor with John Blaze – Secrets Of An Advanced Master Seducer

Underhanded sneaky tactics are because of competition women love competition & that’s why they dress sexy husbore, hasbore, hasbeen = boring man women keep her body lookin good to attract a man women seek validation = how many guys look at her, approach her, compliment, her, phone her, marry, sleep with, ask her on dates women live for validation and that’s why playing hard to get is effective don’t give validation as far as bedroom – don’t express interest too hard & too heavy Calm & aloof through entire interaction and remain disinterested talk about other women, and ask her opinion must not get sexual validation before the act itself (withhold validation to have leverage to close deal)

Don’t validate women remain cool & aloof When a woman asks – Are you gonna have sex with me?No, do you think you could hook me up with your friend?
What is your friend doing tonight?

Don’t give her validation before sex – with hold to have leverage to close the deal Possess value to seduce or influence and always convey higher value than her and more value than other choices she has available to her value – precieved value of you is higher and higher than other men status = how you stand in relation to your rivals most dominate = highest status in a group Show dominance through body language like a simple handshake, be first to introduce and put hand out to shake it with their palm facing down. Stand toe to toe with rival to force him to unconsciously react by taking a step back, talk louder and over him and cut him off mid sentence.
Disrespect him by turning back on him while he’s talking, exclude him from the group, mispronounce by mistake and call him a different name.(joe black vs joe brown vs joey) Offer him unsolicited advice and assumes superiority or dominance.(hey joe, you should tuck ur shirt in, it’s not appropriate here) Suggest lower status in him. (hey joey practice it a few times, you could do it just like me, you’ll be good just like me), Insult him with humor (hey joey that shirt sucks man, haha just playing where you get it), Offer him a piece of gum which suggests he has bad breath and show dominance and superiority, discredit anything he says (common everybody knows that, no kidding wow) Correct him (Hey joey that was an 18-12 man not an 18-30 you get it, hey man stand straight up, hey man it’s custom to look somebody in the eye when you cheer someone and then drink)Discredit him in the eyes of other people will show dominance.
Tune him out or ignore him (yawn in his face, don’t chim in, don’t ask him questions, look the other way, don’t act impressed by what he says) Put arm around him to show status, Signal to girls by rolling ur eyes while talking to discredit him & what he’s saying, antithesis of having high status is to over dominate by already using the tools if you already have high status.

Social intelligence – communicate effectively to get needs meet, do you make decisions quickly, easily and congruently, can you mingle in a group & hold your own conversationally, Large social group, friends, proses a sharp wit (learn humor & comedy writing), go for and get what you want, make good buying decisions, negotiate effectively EX of NOT not getting the name of the person ur with being shy or introvert
not giving a waitress clear and explicit instructions being a dumbass around other people making inappropriate comments or jokes

EX of good Tip bartender big first time, 10-20 bucks stand way back and hold up money in right hand behind a large crowd at a bar (yell or show signal 1) Entertainment – can you entertain and compel an audience, storytelling & comedy, interesting, speaking with multi tones & multi topics (wide range of topics & express this to people in a way that captivates and moves people) Self amusing = more valuable Resources – money, access to resources, food, clothing, shelter, travel and communicate it to others. (selective disclosure & communicate disclosure)

Value is relative to a woman’s perception of her own value, just enough value to be higher than hers but too much to make her feel unqualified or insecure.
Paris Hilton vs college chick Modeus Operandi – only sleep with super models means can’t get college chicks it’s all about value

De-valuation – sometimes necessary to show high value by devaluing others if they have high value
Touch every single ding, scratch & dent & make faces of disapproval, “you smoked in this car?”, look at speedometer “You do a lot of driving huh?”, point out everything even bird crap & dust on the car, & write everything and point out everything in vehicle because when we get to the bargaining table, I’ve lowered his value & expectation of what he can get. Call the owner and low ball him & have friends & family call him all separately at different times of the day at offer him a lot less than he expected so that when I show up, even my low offer seems fair when compared to his other offers. To devalue vechicle.
Have beliefs of high value then devalue her to show high value in me. Like negging: Is your hair real? (imply fake hair) (if she thinks she’s smart devalue her intelligence by telling her about women that are smarter than her) (if she thinks she’s hot then devalue her be telling her she’s sweet, adorable, nice, normal looking)
Purpose is to display high value Reluctant buyer – hard to get – disinterested Selling a car “you know this is my favorite car, I was gonna take it off the market today because I really thought about how valuable and how special it’s been to me but since you’re already here. Since I got you on the phone, what’s the best offer you’re prepared to make.”
Not interested in selling it therefor a low ball offer is thrown out the window and more likely to offer a higher price because they know you’re not going to get rid of it.
Reluctant buyer offers resistance to advances because he knows he’s in a better position, and he knows better to jump on the first offer.EX Get a girls number at a club – HIM:“You know I got your number but I don’t think I should call you” HER:why HIM:cause you won’t remember me, you had too much too drink & I don’t want that. HER:blah blah (explanation of why & how so she commits herself to what you want her to believe)
In a group a reluctant buyer doesn’t believe everything he hears, he’s skeptical & judgmental of others & doesn’t show much interest in anyone but himself & his own wants & desires & needs. Not easily persuaded and put people in a position to work harder to get my commitment & attention. Doesn’t hang on to every word of other people, not impressed by others, by their feats, accomplishments or stories. Sees more value in himself than anything that’s presented in the moment, don’t woo or wow in any story. I am the prize, doesn’t buy story easily and shows a sense of suspicion.
“how old are you?” “where do you live?” (suspicious tone) Air of reluctance so real intentions are hidden, reluctant to be with her “I’m busy monday, wednesday & friday, we can hang out a few minutes are tuesday.” (not eager) People believe I’m not easy and not quick to jump on first offer, people want to work to win me over. People want to work to win me over.
A woman asks for my number “I usually don’t give out my number, why don’t we exchange numbers instead.” She wants to hang out at her house “You know I don’t really like to go to women’s houses but I’ll stay for like 20 minutes but then I gotta go okay” People think I’m hard to get People want to work for the things I ask of them People feel they have to earn my trust

Display high status – like stories
“I was with my friend kim while we were backpacking through europe, we met a gypsy, she wanted to have her palm read, the gypsy wanted 20 dollars, but I offered her 10 and if she does it well, I’ll let you do mine…” go on to talk about what the gypsy told him.
Shows: resources/travel/interesting/entertaining/social intelligence/status status with loud volume
“You’ve ever been to Europe? (suspicious tone)
if she says no I say “You need to get out of the house more often”
if she says yes – tell her to tell me what she liked about it and poke holes in her experience “Oh you didn’t backpack it’s a shame” (use my body while she’s telling me her story by looking away & act disinterested and not too impressed and might cut her off & begin a new story)
Tease her “oh what’s a matter, afraid you might get lost in europe haha” “scare all the tourist away ahha” devaluation a woman might try to prove to you social intelligence by saying that she gets a lot of attention from guys in clubs & how guys are assholes & rude by saying these you poke holes in that: “all guys are like that” “You don’t know guys too well do you” When girls cut me off and ask questions – handle it ‘Hey hey, I’m talking, wait until I finish”
“You know it’s RUDE to interrupt” & continue on, shows higher social intelligence & status
Talk about other girls is one way to devalue her or ask for advice about a girlfriend
“You think she’s cute?” “isn’t she the best” call a girl – cute, adorable, sweet, nice (wipe away any value they had)
You talk a lot
you blink a lot
(point out flaws in her appearance, something she can fix of course)
her hair is frizz
lint on her outfit
outfit is a little crinkly
point out a stain
point out a rip
shoes make a lot of noise
she walks hard & loud
“nice dress, you buy that new?”
tell her she reminds you of your sister or your mom
tell her she reminds you of the shy kid in highschool
if she thinks she’s got the best job poke holes in it, “You’re an attorney, you ever think about an exciting career?” “You’re a brain surgeon, man I bet you can’t wait to retire what with picking everybody’s brains all day” “How do you deal with the same old same old”
Like credit application you ask for gross monthly income, if he responds arrogantly 10K a month, I’ll say “do you have any, additional income to beef this up a bit?” devalue his source of income. If he thinks he can’t get the car or not qualified for the car I have a better shot to get more money for it.When guy tries to cut in then you can deal with them.
A guy approaches say “Hey man, I’ll be right with you” turn back to the guy. Just as he’s about to talk, “Hey man, go ahead, I gotta hear this one.” *like whatever he has to say is a big joke. Or “Go ahead man make your pitch” *he’s saying is a joke or pitch and I’m playing him “Naw man, I can’t spare any change”
When guy is hip to game then he’ll say something witty & come back with something really good “Oh man that was good here say that again, oh man I gotta hear this one, say it again, say hey check this out” (get other ppl to get involved) “Oh man, you New Jersey guys are soo cool, man, you guys are the best, man, your cool” (roll your eyes to devalue him)
If a guy touches you to show dominance “Oh man I like this guy, he’s all touchy feely” (roll ur eyes)
Make him insecure “Hey dude, been drinking a lot of beer” (look at his belly) or “Hey man, you look red, have you been tanning today” (devalue him and make him self conscious) If he gets upset “Hey man, what are you mad at, we’re just hanging out, just being cool, naw man I’m trying to dis you, common man your cool, hang out.” (pat on the shoulder)Guy is friendly with girl tell him he looks like brother & sister & if they have kids their kids will have (show an ugly face to imply incest & that incest creates retardation) poke fun at him for being a hillbilly or west virgina.
Guy starts talking (roll ur eyes to the girl & then whisper he’s freaking me out, this guy’s weird)
Anytime he says something – devalue it, correct him (tell him he’s wrong and made a mistake and give him more knowledge)
Stand toe to toe with him and invade his space and just as he’s talking put ur toe to his toe & look straight at him and what you’ll notice is he’ll take a step back & everyone will register it unconsciously as him being submissive to you. Cut him off & talk louder to him, don’t let him say anything, cut him right off If he insults you say “Hey man, thank you, that’s cute for noticing that, aww thank you man you’re cute for noticing that stuff man” (ridiculing him and humiliating him) Giving him something to do – making him a subordinate “Hey man, do me a favor, hold this beer”
“Hey man, do me a favor, order me drink over there” “Hey man, would you move a couple of these chairs around so we could sit” (tool him & use him & give him something to do and show status by making him sub-servant)

Destroying boyfriends & husbands – patronize him & devalue him
To a boyfriend “So is there a wedding planned, you should marry so & so, isn’t it about that time for you to settle down.” (if there’s any doubt about him she’ll explain why he’s not marriage material)
“he’s so nice” (adorable, sweet, cuddly .etc) say they look just like brother & sister Anything he does is insecure, low status & doesn’t know how to communicate, Low social intelligence & predictable, no entertainment value & no fun.
“I would never marry him, he works too much but he’s a really nice sweet guy, but he works so much because he’s afraid to lose you to someone else, he just doesn’t know how to tell you. A lot of guys are like that, at least he’s predictable, when means you can depend on him” Tell her, he’s afraid to lose him job, where else will he work (social intelligence, resources) Then plant an anchor “You know every-time he works late, it’s just because he’s insecure & afraid of losing you. I want you to think about that. Every-time, he works late, just realize it’s just because he’s insecure. He’s afraid of losing you, and he doesn’t know how to tell you that, he doesn’t know how to communicate that to you.” (drive in the idea that he’s insecure) Talk about what a fun life you have, she’ll dump him & run to you.
Talk about husband’s low status, inability to communicate things & patronize him & he’s the best thing she has and she should keep him around and fires the anchors that every-time he works late and he does the things that she complains about, she will see that being insecure & being low social intelligence & no fun & devalues him. Every-time he works late, she will devalue him, & soon or later she will seek validation outside of the marriage and since you are such good friends and you talk about girls & high status she is gonna come running to you and she’s gonna wish she was single. Make her wish she was single, by telling her it’s better she has a predictable life because too much excitement is no good.
Telling her husbore is the best choice she has & that she should settle for it & she by nature has to hook up with for that validation she craves.

Be unpredictable & do unexpected things

Gold diggers stick around for a pay off – you can attract gold diggers by talking about your resources. Take girls shopping for homes & cars & boats. Just an interesting thing that plants the idea in the girls mind that you have money.
HER:buy me this, give me money
HIMcalmly & collectively) Why would I do that? (shut up & listen to the answer)
HER:blah balh
HIM:laugh & change the subject
HIM:I would love to but my money’s tied up right now, in investment, I might have some soon, but can you do me a favor (Ask for something outrageous) can you give me a back message. (use a request for leverage) (bait & switch – bait them to think they might get some money & switch by asking for a favor & ask her to convince me)
HIM:Well convince me (she will seduce me & rub up on me & when she’s done)
HIM:nah that’s not good enough

Catch people in lies
Use decoy technique – make up a story about her story that she should know if she was where she said where she was
“Oh you went to the movies, man did the fire affect you guys, there was a fire right next door & 9 oclock”
“Oh you were with so & so did she tell you she saw me on the train?” (if she says yes then shes lying)
If they call you on it then whatever then say “Ah man my bad it must have been somewhere else”

Reverse hypnosis – gets someone’s to reignite their insecurities & addictions
find triggers & anchor it to something simple
Elicitation – “Have you ever craved a cigarette so bad, when I get stressed out, when I have an argument with a client, I just gotta reach for cigarette, what has to happen for you to do that? (Listen)
it’s seeing people light up a cigarette & being stressed out
Link everyday activity to stress & seeing other smokers
“sometimes it’s like everytime you get out of the shower, you begin to notice the stress building, because you have a stressful day ahead of you, because know you try not to think about it but the more you try not to think about it, the more stressful you feel, more & more. & Everytime you see a stop light you see people lighting up more & more, you notice it everywhere you look ,you notice it, and everytime you become more & more stressful, the stress keeps building & building. You reach for that cigarette & aww it feels better more & more. Doesn’t it, that’s okay, look we’re all human, it’s okay to have that happen.” (anchoring the trigger to an everyday behavior – stepping out of the shower)
Find the triggers ? talk about what makes you do something ? ask about what makes them do something & find out their triggers, stress, emotions, life, this & that & link everyday things to those triggers ie everytime you step out of the shower, you think about fighting with your wife or solution
“You know the solution is to just light up & enjoy & realize that ur stress is all gone & washed away, it’s okay to do that, you’re only human, you can’t be perfect. Don’t offer any judgment or pain, say it’s okay & repeat steps as needed Defense is to laugh in their face & call them a weirdo *devalue & dissociate & ignore & move on Get them in a stressful state to get them in a mess & shambles

All is fair in love & war (notice the dominant person & why they are) All about value & devalue Without value there is no persuasion or seduction Never communicate lower value than the woman, always be higher value (Ur socially intelligent, you have resources, you have high status, your entertaining, you communicate that ur great in business & that nobody ever fucks with you, people want to talk to you, people treat you with the best utmost respect, people listen to you, people love you)

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