Jonathan Altfeld – Flirtopia Download

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Jonathan Altfeld – Flirtopia Download | Jonathan Altfeld – Flirtopia Download

Flirtopia by Jonathan Altfeld - Jonathan Altfeld - Flirtopia Download

How Anyone Can Become Outrageously Successful With The Opposite Sex!
2 World-Class Experts On Flirting & Relationships Revealed Their Secrets!
Now  You Can  Easily Attract Desirable New Friends & Lovers!
We held the FLIRTOPIA™ Seminar in September 2000, and made some gorgeous Home-Study videos from that event. Finally Available on DVD!
Here’s Just Some Of What was Taught & Learned at the FLIRTOPIA™ seminar:

* How to Radiate An Irresistible Presence
* How to Be Comfortable In Any Social Situation
* How to Read Other People’s “Signals” To Minimize Rejection
* How to Use Eye Contact To Experience Intimacy In A Non-Direct Sexual Way
* How to Use Your Own Sexual Energy To Attract Lovers Almost Magically
* How to Discover The Rules For People’s Personal Space, & Break Them!
* How to Become a “Super Bio-Feedback System” To Give Others What They Want

You’ll Find Out How to:

* Understand How The Opposite Sex Flirts Differently Than You Do
* Develop Your Own Personal Style Of Flirting
* Rapidly Snap Into A Peak Emotional State To Attract Others To You
* Move Your Body To Be More Sexy
* Make New Friends Easily
* Develop Rapport So Powerful, You’ll Feel Like You’ve Known People Their Entire Lives!
* Break Any Limiting Beliefs You May Have About Flirting



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