Justin JDOG Marks – Seduction Guru Goes Ape & Day Game vs Nightclub Game

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Justin JDOG Marks – Seduction Guru Goes Ape

Justin JDOG Marks Seduction Guru Goes Ape - Justin JDOG Marks – Seduction Guru Goes Ape & Day Game vs Nightclub Game
Justin JDOG Marks – Seduction Guru Goes Ape

Yes, the 115 ° Arizona heat is getting to me, and in this episode I’m going a little crazy.. erm.. like an ape?

Some great content for you, and I’m spicing things up a little this week, so I hope you like it. I’m covering several

different topics, and you get to see how I am when hanging out with a girl.

Filmed at La Bocca urban pizzeria & wine bar on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona.

Topics Covered

The Opposite Effect
Shit Tests
JDOG & Girl
Sexual Misinterpretation
The Virtual Map

In “Going Ape” there’s a little bit of everything, although no homework exercises in the video this time.

I don’t think that I need to write too much about this one, tho I am curious to read your comments regarding the format of this video. In the next episode I’m planning on delving into just one topic for the entire half hour, possibly comfort game, or charismatic storytelling.

A simple concept such as The Opposite Effect can actually get you consistent flirtatious responses. In fact, from my experience creating the right first impression can be one of your most seductive abilities, and it is often overlooked.

Remember that women categorize men rather quickly into a “yes” “no” or “maybe.”

Justin “JDOG” Marks – Day Game vs Nightclub Game

Just the 1st video.. a little impromptu, and lots more on the way!!

Whew.. Finally I have the first video up for my newsletter readers, or perhaps I should say viewers. My apologies again for the delay, especially to those of you who signed up early and have been waiting quite some time. Creating these videos is a new experience for me, and just like anything new there are some teething problems.

First off I want to thank you for taking an interest, as without all of your requests and questions I really don’t know if I would have taken the time to work on this. However, the more time I spend the more I realize just how much knowledge and experience I have to talk about. I’m extremely excited by what’s in store for you in upcoming videocasts, with demos, and girls, it’s going to blow you away!

For sticking with me I have another surprise. In my website intro I said that I was going to give you 1 free hour of video.. well I’ve changed my mind, I’m not going to give you 1 hour, there will be more, lot’s more! Most likely I’ll stick to this format of about 20 to 25 minute clips.. and please remember to post your comments below.

In this clip I’m casually talking about some of my thoughts on using indirect game, opening, and the differences between meeting women during the day, and at night. I often talk about my natural conversational style, while warning people about the dangers of being too scripted. However, I am a strong proponent for using routines, and a routine stack in certain situations. Routine stacks ‘will’ improve your game.

Now here’s the caveat; There are some serious issues with becoming too scripted. For example guys who resent, or do not have respect for women use routines (long after the initial flirtation) as a method of control, and as a mechanism for avoiding any real emotional connection. If your goal is the psychological control of women then please unsubscribe from my list.

I’m trying to encourage you to become a well rounded individual, who leads an interesting life. Someone that is confident and comfortable in social situations, and that women just find drawn to. For many of us the only way to get better with women is from a heck of a lot of in-field experience, feeling the way with canned routines. I encourage this, and will teach you how to make routines work for you. What I will also teach you is how to be interesting in any conversation, and how to have a natural social vibe, while conveying the right kind of male sexuality that drives women crazy with desire!

Now, remember to have some FUN out there.. make those women smile, and enjoy the ride!