Logan Alexander – Women The Ownership Manual

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Logan Alexander – Women The Ownership Manual PDF Download

Logan Alexander Women The Ownership Manual - Logan Alexander - Women The Ownership Manual
Logan Alexander – Women The Ownership Manual PDF Download

Logan Alexander – Women The Ownership Manual Second International Edition

In this concise and provocative guide to owning a woman, author Logan Alexander details the vital elements of possessing a female in the most extreme ways. The formal manual covers the aspects of introducing a woman to ownership, daily rituals, mental ownership, breaking in a woman, discipline, body modification, oral training and sexual gratification training.

Author’s Note:

“The spirit of this manual is guided by the intense urge of a man to possess a woman in the deepest of ways. For some individuals, a normal relationship devoid of the extreme polarities of emotional, psychological and sexual experience that merge in dominance and submission play is akin to a death sentence of mediocrity. He wants her and her body so fully that he wants to make her his actual physical property. She wants to be craved and desired so badly that she wants to be made his real human possession. In a post-feminist world, women chose to be owned and self-made men want to own their women in fresh new ways. They reject traditional relationships and long for a kind of cosmic completeness that transforms daily life into rituals of kinetic connection and deviant eroticism.

The manual is written primarily as a concise guide for men seeking to own a woman and women seeking to be owned by a man within a certain creative space of the BDSM realm. It is not a general relationship guide for every Dominant-submissive couple in the scene. It is inspired by the same masculine creative energies that gave rise to confrontational works of art and ancient traditions of phallic worship. It is but one subjective vision of living a life of creative control with a woman. It includes both broad strokes and extremely particular ideas. Yet, it also serves as a source of inspiration for men and women in any relationship as the desire to possess and be possessed is universal, even if it is only a small force within the complex dynamics of a normal relationship. Regular people have always fed on the excessive proclivities of those on the fringe of society and reality. The style of this work is formal for it is meant as a thought-provoking source from which to draw ideas and inspire fresh deviance. It is not, though, a how-to-guide on sophisticated rope tying techniques, ways of spanking, types of bondage or other technical BDSM skills. Real world experiences are included from first-hand experiences and direct conversations with men who own women and women who are owned by men. The practices are meant as ideal extremes of ownership to be used as one desires in the dynamic reality of an individual relationship.”



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