She’s Yours For The Taking by Michael Pilinsky

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You certainly know that successfully meeting women has to be a necessary start to any seduction, but it’s really only just the very first step in a long and often maddening process that has ‘make-or-break’ moments littered along it like invisible land-mines.   And while dating isn’t always the nerve-wracking experience that trying to actually meet a woman can be for most of us, it’s the one place where dreams can get easily shipwrecked on just a few innocent mistakes.

Let’s face it… it’s tough to know EXACTLY how to act around any particular woman in order to get her to dig us, at least long enough to close any romantic deal that we might have in mind for her.   In our desperation we sometimes try to be too many things: a nice guy but not too nice, a steadfast guy who tries to demonstrate that he takes no shit from women, then blows things up by provoking an argument, etc. etc.

She’s Yours for the Taking is designed to deliver concrete strategies to help get you through all the tightest spots that you’ll ever encounter while trying to seduce a woman — from that fearful instant of first meeting her, to turning her into your “enchanted” and emotionally bonded lover.

-In Michael Pilinsky – She’s Yours For The Taking PDF I dive deep into the psychology underlying male vs. female behaviors
-Three Date Seduction (which culminates with a woman’s complete sexual submission after a whirlwind affair)
-Pull Tabbing technique (Pull Tabbing is intended to give you a standard routine that you can completely memorize and then unleash whenever you choose to investigate the, ahem, “potential” of hot chicks anywhere that you spot them. )

Best of all, the romantic ideas you’ll discover in She’s Yours For The Taking — and then quickly put into play for yourself with the precision skills that you’ll learn in DWYFR — will continue to serve you for a lifetime.   These are not just short-term tricks to be used during your “clubbing” years when you have a supporting network of wingmen and a surrounding abundance of single women to help you along.   This is a great way to work ‘lone wolf’-style as you get older.

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