OneTaste – Become a Goldfinger

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OneTaste – Become a Goldfinger Review | OneTaste – Become a Goldfinger Download

One Taste Become a Goldfinger - OneTaste - Become a Goldfinger

Description OneTaste – Become a Goldfinger

15-minutes. 15 strokes. Transform your relationship to women forever.

There’s a secret formula you can follow that will unlock the secrets of female orgasm. In this program, I will reveal that formula to you.

You want to know the secret formula?

There are two things you need to know about a woman. Her clitoris has 4 regions that elicit different feelings when stroked. And, there’s 15 ways to stroke them.

This is the education that every man needs. Yes, areas of the pussy that even she’s never heard of. In this program, we are directing you there. Perform 15 strokes in 15 minutes to the most sensitive spots on her body and watch as your relationship to women transforms.

Learn it here. In an e-series, downloadable program, we’re releasing this information, to you, for the first time. You will understand, learn and master the areas of her clit that bring her maximum pleasure?

There’s a formula you can follow that will unlock the secrets of female orgasm.

This is fantastically good news for you.

We are about to teach you the 4 regions on a woman’s clitoris, that when stroked, elicit different feelings in a woman. Yes, you heard correctly. There are 4 unique regions on the clitoris and the cartography of the clit e-book will give you the complete, necessary map to discover them.

Imagine, knowing where the sex spot is and knowing that it will make her crave your cock each time you stroke it.

Learn the 15 strokes that will change your relationship to the pussy and her orgasm forever

There are regions and there are strokes. This program teaches you the tiny, minute details of both. A booklet you will hold in your hands that depict all the regions on the clit and how to stroke each one.

This, my friend, is Gold.

Below are 3 of the 15, never before seen strokes:

Stroke #1: The Butterfly Stroke – giving her the feeling of a butterfly winging against her pussy.
Stroke #2: The Summit Stroke – you will have never seen her expand to this much pleasure.
Stroke #3: The Sex Stroke – replicating the feeling of sex while you stroke.

And, this is just the beginning. Have the entire collection of the 15 strokes at your fingertips. In an all-virtual, 5 day program, change the way you look at the pussy forever.

This is a ‘work at your own pace’ e-course. There are no due dates or expiration times. Receive all the material to be a project GoldFinger master up front and follow along at your own pace. When you receive login information you will receive the full course will all sessions, no waiting!

1. The Stroking Basics Video: This video begins your education of how to stroke. Learn the right pressure, right length of stroke and when to use each of the 15 strokes.
2. An OM Intro Video: Stroking stems from the practice of OM. Hear the benefits of OM and what it means to handle her orgasm through OM.
3. The OM Tenets Video: Once you know the basics, you will want to know how to be successful at stroking her through an OM. Watch as the experts tell you the basic philosophy behind OM. It will take your GoldFinger to the next level.
4. The Ergonomics Video: Once you know the basics, you will want to know how to be successful at stroking her through an OM. Watch as the experts tell you the basic philosophy behind OM. It will take your GoldFinger to the next level.)
5. The How to Ask Video: Have a woman in your life? Looking for a woman in your life? Hear from experts how to talk to women about OM and her orgasm. Directed for both single and partnered men.
6. What’s in It for the Man: There is no better way to understand the benefits than hearing it from real men, themselves. A panel of regular men telling you their personal experience as a GoldFinger.
7. ***An exclusive live demonstration***: Never before tapped footage of an entire 15 minute OM. 15 strokes. 15 minutes. All in live action.
8. Custom-designed private OM training session: This portion of the program will take you to the next level in stroking. Training with a master, certified coach gives you access to detailed advice on your, personal stroke. Enjoy a 1-hour session with a certified, OneTaste coach.
9. Comprehensive guide to the cartography of the clit. This e-book will become your nighttime reading. Learn the regions on her clit and exactly what type of stroke to use on each spot. A 40 page book you will not want to leave home with out.
10. Step-by-step audio guides. Once you’ve had all this information, you can practice it in real time with the Basic OM and the Stroke Sampler OM audios. Listen in as you are guided step by step through 15 strokes in 15 minutes.
11. A month’s supply of the one-and-only OneStroke lube! The experts agree, OneStroke is the only lube that works for stroking.

Taught by the experts, and including live access to the experts, you will walk away with the confidence of having a GoldFinger when it comes to the female orgasm. It will transform how you relate to women.


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