Patrick King – Superhuman Eye Contact Training: How to Radiate Confidence, Attract Others, and Demand Respect… With Just Your Eyes

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Patrick King – Superhuman Eye Contact Training PDF Download

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Patrick King – Superhuman Eye Contact Training

Do you struggle to hold eye contact? Does it make you feel unconfident, uncomfortable, and self-conscious? Or do you just want to appear more charismatic and confident?

Then Superhuman Eye Contact has the insightful tips and innovative exercises you need to become an eye contact expert – overnight.

If you are bad at eye contact, people will assume that you are creepy or untrustworthy. If you are merely average at eye contact, you won’t be negative, yet you won’t be memorable either. But if you are SUPERHUMAN at eye contact, you will instantly make an impression and have people clamoring for your attention.

All this because of eye contact? Absolutely.

If the amount of eye-related phrases in our vocabulary is any indication, (the eyes are the window to the soul…) yes! Eyes are what people use as a guide to your overall character. Mastering eye contact is essential to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

What tips and exercises from years of coaching eye contact will you learn?

• The #1 obstacle to strong eye contact and the two best ways to crush it.
• Exactly how and when to break eye contact gracefully.
• How to alter your eye contact for meaningful flirting.
• What your eyes should never be doing, though you probably do it daily.
• How the direction someone looks in can determine their truthfulness.
• How to adjust your eye contact according to emotional and physical space.

Real, actionable advice that can actually affect your life.

How will your daily life improve?

• You will project an image of confidence and poise.
• You will force others to respect you and your presence.
• You will become more captivating without having to say a word.
• Your charisma quotient will skyrocket.
• Interactions with the opposite sex will improve tenfold, guaranteed.
Most importantly you will feel comfortable making eye contact with anyone, stranger or friend… and use it to make them comfortable with you.