Charismatic Conversations Pickup 101

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PickUp 101 – Charismatic Conversations Review | PickUp 101 – Charismatic Conversations Download

Who Else Wants to Know EXACTLY What to Say EVERYTIME with literally ANY women…
Without trying to be Something or Someone you’re not…Without ever feeling even the Slightest Discomfort…and Without any fear of Rejection Whatsoever?Never, EVER have that horrible feeling of…
“I don’t knowwhat to say”…With women ? Ever Again!

Charismatic Conversations Content:
DVD’s 1 & 2 – Laying down the basics and introducing Banter!
DVD 3 & 4 – Making Banter Work for you and getting past your sticking points
DVD 5 & 6 – How to handle groups of women, more banter, and how to not be a douchebag!
DVD’s 7 & 8 – Powerful banter, openers, and testing for attraction
DVD’s 9 & 10 – Improv, comedy, storytelling, and getting dates
DVDs 11 & 12 – Conversational threads and subcommunication