Subliminal Arousal Toolkit 2.0 by Poetry of the Silent Eros

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Subliminal Arousal Toolkit

Subliminal Arousal Toolkit 2.0 Download

The Poetry of the Silent Eros Subliminal Arousal is a special type of subliminal designed to trigger the deep brain to sexual arousal.  Volume 1 and 2 are silent; 1 is useful for people who speak any language.  2 enhances the arousal and response, but requires that the listener understand English.  3 and 4 are masked versions of 1 and 2.

Volume 5 is a combination of volume 2, volume 4, and a little extra wizardry that isn’t in any of the other programs – so you have both silent subliminal and masked subliminal deep brain triggers being played along with subliminal suggestions that enhance the speed, effectiveness and power of the response. Volume 5 is the most powerful of all five volumes, when used properly.

I have found it a wonderful accomplaniment to a nice candlelit dinner, a candlelit bubble bath with incense, full body massage, time in the jaccuzi, or as a combination of sleep aid (the ocean surf makes for some nice relaxing sleep) and “overnight aphrodisiac”.  Your partner will find themselves getting in the mood with surprising ease and comfort, and the results are quite enjoyable.  It’s a lot of fun with Subliminal Arousal.

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