Robert Dilts – Alpha Leader

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Robert Dilts – Alpha Leader Download

TSigDSd - Robert Dilts - Alpha Leader


Presented by Robert Dilts.
1 DVD, Approx. 7 hours. 1 CD-ROM with Course Manual.

In this recording, produced at a live 2-day seminar in 2009, Robert Dilts shares his insights with a live audience. He presents the skills and practices that will support you to understand and master The Alpha Leadership model and The Inner Game of Leadership. You will develop:

  A feeling of confidence and the absence of anxiety and self-doubt
  A sense of “humble authority” – self-confidence without arrogance
  A capacity to accept and benefit from challenges and change rather than to be subjected to them
  A state of focused spaciousness in the mind and relaxed readiness in the body
  A greater ability to remain connected to your deep identity and maintain a sense of calm and trust in challenging and unstable conditions
  The ability to handle both opportunities and dangers in times of change.

You will further learn how to:

  Develop the capacity to be present and centered in yourself
  Be aligned with your core values and vision
  Be connected with those around you

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