Seven Laws of Seduction by Troy Francis

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Let me ask you a  question – and I want you to think hard and be really honest. Are you happy with the level of success with women you are experiencing in your life RIGHT NOW? If the answer is yes, then great — congratulations. You are a lucky man and you are probably the envy of many of your friends.

If the answer is NO, though, then the time has come for you to make some changes, and embark on the same journey that I had to some years ago. This is the journey of discovering and applying The Seven Laws of Seduction.

The Seven Laws of Seduction is a simple, step-by-step guide that gives men everything they need to know about how to attract, seduce and sleep with multiple women. It is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of practice out in the pick-up trenches, as well as exposure to manosphere thinking. I’ve spent a lot of time on it and I think it offers real value, with some great new perspectives on many areas of game.

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Are you the kind of guy who has trouble relating to women but who longs to find a girlfriend? Or maybe you’re in a relationship that is no longer working, but you’re afraid to leave, believing that you don’t have any other options. Or you are envious of your ‘natural’ friends who seem to have no trouble in picking up cute girls for one-night stands? Perhaps you are a seasoned ‘player’ looking for new, cutting edge perspectives. Maybe you’ve read other seduction guides and found them lacking, and you simply don’t have the time or the inclination to sift through dubious information online, or attend costly seminars and bootcamps

If so, then The Seven Laws of Attraction is for you.

I’m Troy Francis, and over the last decade I’ve made the transformation from loser with women to Lothario. From being a guy too shy to even look at an attractive girl, the last ten years have seen me embark on a journey that has spanned the globe, during which I have become friends with an exclusive clique of the world’s foremost seducers and playboys, meeting and bedding multiple women of all nationalities along the way.

My Story

When I was four years old, attending school for the first time, I had a classmate called Bethan, a girl I met in the playground. For a time, we got on very well, spending breaks together and playing childhood games. I considered Bethan pretty, and she made me feel funny in a way I didn’t understand, having no reference for it.

Our friendship continued until one day it was announced that Bethan would be moving to another school. After she had left, my parents received a message from hers: Bethan wanted me to come over to her house for a play date. I was an incredibly shy boy and told my father I didn’t want to go, but he insisted, saying it would be good for me, and so one afternoon I went over to her house and we played together, having a wonderful time emptying all the laundry out of her mother’s basket onto the floor.

I remember even then feeling as though she were above me in some way but not being able to articulate properly whatever it was I felt for her. The play date passed without further incident, and I went home, happy to have spent a little more time in the company of a girl I felt—even then—to be a special creature worthy of putting on a pedestal.

            That was as good as it got for the next sixteen years.

            As I got older, I was the stereotypical nerd at school—shy, withdrawn, into books and studying rather than sports. Because of troubles at home (my parents divorced early, and I had a bad time with my stepmother), I was very introverted. My social skills were poor, and I found it hard to relate to other guys, let alone girls.

Then as I grew into a teenager, I developed chronic acne, which was the final nail in the coffin. Not only did I feel apart from others but now I also had a physical condition that made me feel they were judging me, and that made me want to run away and hide.

            Beginning with my experience with Bethan, I somehow thought that girls were “above” me—that I was a pitiful worm, while they were angelic creatures that could only be “won” by incredibly good-looking, popular guys—frequently jerks—and that the only possible hope I might have would be through being incredibly nice to them in the hope that at some point they would see the error of their ways and choose me instead.

Needless to say, this approach didn’t work out well. I had taken to putting individual girls on pedestals and developing long-standing crushes on them, interpreting any random glance or smile as a sign they liked me but being too afraid to do anything about it. I would even send flowers and gifts to these girls in an effort to show how much they meant to me and what a nice, considerate guy I was. Of course, all this demonstrated was that I didn’t have the courage to actually approach them in person, and so my money was wasted as they were repulsed.

Even more oddly, because of these obsessions, I actually ignored or at least failed to follow up with those few girls who did give signs that they might be interested in me. The last thing I wanted to do was rock the boat and spoil whatever imagined chance I might have with “Anna” up there on her pedestal.

            Things finally improved a little when I left home and went to college. Here, away from my family, I was able to experiment with my clothes, and I also began working part-time in a nightclub, which gave me a slightly elevated status within a small sub-section of the city where I was living. Through this, I finally met my first proper girlfriend and lost my virginity when I was twenty. Somehow, I had lucked out. “Becky” was beautiful. There were loads of guys who’d been queuing up to date her but were now unable to work out how this skinny guy with a weird dress sense had managed to get in there first. Becky and I dated for around six months, but I had no idea how to keep a woman interested, and she soon became bored and cheated on me before finally dumping me just before Christmas. I was absolutely devastated. The emotional pain I experienced then was some of the worst I’d ever endured. I tried to get her back, calling her up day and night, and even going to her place of work with a soft toy (a stuffed monkey—her favourite animal) as a gift to try to convince her to change her mind, but nothing worked. I couldn’t understand it. She’d told me she loved me, an emotion that I’d been taught should last forever, but here we were a few months later, her sleeping with someone else, and me alone. 

            I fell into a deep depression for a while. As I started to recover, I began pursuing girls more aggressively and actually started to see some good results. Although I was still very reliant on my “status” as a barman to help, I was developing skills and had embarked on what was, for me, the long journey of learning about women. Perhaps the only thing I did right at this point was to approach a lot of girls and ask them out. This alone garnered me some successes.

What I came to realise, though, was that these approaches shared no consistency whatsoever. I was reliant entirely on blind luck. If a girl happened to like me, then great; if not, I had no chance. I was also incredibly hung up on what to say to women after I’d introduced myself, an area that I found incredibly difficult to overcome.

            It was by moving to London, though, in 2004 that changed my life forever, for it was here that I discovered the Seven Laws of Seduction for the first time.

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How did my fortunes change so radically? Because I discovered The Seven Laws of Seduction – fundamental human principles that have governed male-female mating patterns since the dawn of time. They are literally the secrets of sexual attraction.

Amazingly, though, this information is not readily available, for example, it’s not taught in schools, and it’s not the substance of conventional dating advice.

Men in the know—the secret elite clique of international seducers who enjoy the sexual attention of hundreds and sometimes thousands of women the world over—all apply the Seven Laws consistently.

I only discovered them through over a decade of trial and error, reading books on psychology and biomechanics, and spending time with some of the planet’s most successful playboys—men who meet and attract stunning women as easily as you or I might order a pizza. Knowing these secret laws has not been easy: men guarded them fiercely, and women were either not consciously aware of them or would expect a “real man” to know them instinctively and would certainly never tell.

But you are fortunate. The principles that took me over ten years to learn are laid out for you in my book simply and in detail. In the few hours it takes to readyou will learn everything you need to know to start going out today and meeting the kinds of hot women you never thought possible you’d hook up with

 Get an Abundance of Sex — Fast!

Having used the Seven Laws of Seduction for over a decade, I have a whole raft of experiences to draw from: meeting and seducing women who were previously strangers in London, Manchester, New York, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza, and North Africa to name but a few.

I have met girls in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons, on trains, in offices, and on aeroplanes. I have spoken to women on public transport and in the street and ended up sleeping with them within hours, sometimes even minutes of having met them.

I have dated Ph.D. students, strippers, dancers, waitresses, air hostesses, students, athletes, Goths, fashion designers, and models.

I have had sex with them in my home, their homes, on public transport, in nightclub bathrooms, and—in the more risqué nightclubs—in plain view of other clubbers.

I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest seducer, but I do have a lot of significant reference points as well as an abiding interest in the psychology of human interactions. As a man, your greatest asset is time. I have spent many years in the field, suffering setbacks and piecing together a set of principles that I present to you here, which can be consumed within just a few hours.

The Seven Laws of Seduction is packed with killer information designed to hardwire the knowledge of the world’s greatest pick-up artists and alpha playboys directly into your brain in a fraction of the time it took for me to internalise it.

In the book you will learn:

  • How to bring out your true, alpha self, revealing the raw masculinity that women crave

  • How to achieve a sense of limitless abundance that will draw women to you like a magnet

  • How to meet women every day in places you would never have thought it possible

  • How to create opportunities to meet that drop-dead gorgeous girl

  • How to significantly reduce your fear of approaching

  • The two seduction models: one-tier and two-tier. Know which one you’re in and how to get the result you want in each.

  • How a lot of conventional PUA thinking is wrong and how going with what you know in the moment will yield massive results

  • How to leverage masculine-feminine polarity to get her tingling with excitement

  • How your approach in itself can create huge attraction in the girl

  • How to create a force field around your enabling you to withstand even the highest degree of social pressure

  • Mind-control techniques to crush your fear of rejection

  • Why ‘leagues’ don’t really exist and that you can attract much hotter women than you currently think

  • The special techniques you need to know to pull women effortlessly in clubs

  • How to heat up your interactions with women so they sizzle with sexual tension

  • How you can get a girl so excited with direct sexual references that she is literally begging to sleep with you

  • Exactly what to do on a first date to get the girl to come home with you for sex

  • How having a certifiably insane degree of self-love will cause women to chase you

The book presents a clear and logical system for meeting and attracting the hottest women imaginable with a practical, user-friendly layout.

Each chapter describes and explains one of the Seven Laws in detail and also includes –

  • A real-life example from my own life that illustrates and explains the relevant concepts presented, and shows exactly what is possible for an ordinary guy to achieve

  • A list of Core Principles – essentially a cheat-sheet, summarising the content that precedes it

  • Exercises to motivate you and get you out there practising what you have learned.

  • Applying these principles will seriously skyrocket your success with women so take action today and enjoy the ride!

What People Are Saying About The Seven Laws of Seduction:

Troy knows his stuff but he’s not trying to impress anyone . . . a self-described former beta who chose to learn game. But he didn’t just learn. Troy took it to another level. Pushed himself for years — gaming in the trenches in London. So now he has tons of real-life experiences to share. The 7 Laws explores core principles that men must apply to tighten game and become more successful with women. Each topic is explored in detail. These are universal principles so they apply to all men regardless of race of personality type. They lay a solid foundation on which to build and refine your own style of game. 


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