Social Conditioning in Dating Girls

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Sexy Blonde Girl 3 - Social Conditioning in Dating Girls
Social Conditioning in Dating Girls

Social Conditioning in Dating Girls

A common plot in stories told through literature and film is a situation involving a damsel in distress. While this scene may no longer be as obvious as it once was, with an utterly helpless princess trapped in an ivory tower waiting for a hero to come and rescue her, the same formula lives on today. The modern hero might no longer be a knight in shining armor or a prince, but instead an average male with extraordinary abilities or a superhero with superpowers who lives through an ordeal and gets the sexy girl in the end

Think about what happened to the main male character in the last few movies you have seen. What did he get in the end after saving the entire world from evil aliens, monkeys, asteroids, zombies,pirates, clones, orchs, robots, monsters, terrorists, or Nazis? What did he get after winning the race, tournament, league, war, or fight against all odds? He got the beautiful girl, the one he met at the beginning of the movie who was not particularly interested in him. In the end, he got her as though she were some sort of reward for his extraordinary achievement, once he proved that he deserved her. Everywhere you look, male’s achievements are being associated with getting girls, an idea males learn in much the same way Pavlov’s dogs were conditioned to link the sound of a bell to the serving of food. That is the environment most of us have grown up in: an environment filled with the message that a male is not good enough for a female until he has proved his worth. Achieve something great, and then you can have the woman you want. To succeed is to become sexy and good enough for a woman. Success equals sex and all of this is called : Social Conditioning in Dating Girls

Simply growing up immersed in an environment that is based on this idea-reading books, listening to stories, watching movies, seeing ads, and overhearing conversations based on it-is more than enough to communicate the idea and instill in you the very same belief, that without doing something incredible, you do not deserve women and that you do have to deserve them. All of us are very receptive to adopting beliefs when we are young, but the idea that success leads to sex is not something that is only hammered into kids as they grow up; this is an ongoing process, and most are unaware of it. Our culture is full of expressions that are based on these beliefs and used without any thought of their implications, such as, “getting lucky,” “that girl is out of your league,” “you do not deserve her,” “win her heart,” and “losers do not get laid.”

If you think about the phrase “getting lucky,” referring to when a male gets a female into bed, you can see that the phrase carries several embedded messages: The male should feel lucky (l) as if the female did him a favor by giving him the sex that only he wants, but she did not enjoy as much, (2) as if he really was unworthy of her, and (3) that his own actions had nothing to do with getting laid.

It was just luck! That is a lot of meaning embedded into two words.
Other expressions are also heavy with the same meaning. To refer to a woman as being “out of your league” implies that she is unreachable and not even worth pursuing because she is too good for you. In line with this theme of competition comes the expression, “losers do not get laid.” This implies that winners do get laid and that it is impossible to get girls if you fail in sports, school, or your career. To “win her heart” also implies that a male must compete for females in some way, and an expression such as “you do not deserve her” leaves no question as to its meaning. Every time these expressions are used, social conditioning is being passed on and reinforced, usually without any thought or awareness. Through this process, males learn not only to pursue females like trophies, but also that they are /less valuable than women since they have to work to pursue women and prove themselves to them. Even if they do not believe it, they will still act like it if they adopt such behavior.

While all heterosexual males desire nothing higher than women as long as their basic needs are met, the way they are led to believe they are of less worth than females and that they have to earn them causes them to shift their natural priorities. Success, achievements, and money come first, while enjoying women ends up further down the list. And it stays there until many males have wasted their youth and stamina, or even died, long before making it a high priority. it becomes normal for males to spend years in school and at work chasing a long-term goal without ever saying a sensible word to an attractive female.

It is ridiculous how motivated most males can be, following the belief that women will like them in the end. The guys in the gym talk about all the women they are going to go after once they have molded their biceps and lost that gut. After graduating high school, they join the military because they hear women like men in uniforms, or they enroll medical school and study for years to become doctors because they hear women are attracted to doctors. Even suicide bombers blow themselves up believing it will land them in paradise with 72 virgins as a reward for their actions. And endless numbers of males chase the dream of becoming rock stars because they dream of one day making it big and then finally “getting laid like rock stars.” They do all this and much more because they are motivated by the promise of all the women they will obtain as part of their success.