Soul – Day Game Program (Love Systems)

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Soul – Day Game Program Review | Soul – Day Game Program Download

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Day Game Workshops

Are you not a nightclub guy? Do you still want to meet and date beautiful women? Learn to attract high quality girls through a Day Game Workshop.

Day game is your best bet to meet women you see in the grocery store, at the coffee shop or even walking down the street. If you’re looking for an alternative to bars and clubs, or if you’re a little older and don’t have time for the late nights anymore, day game is for you.

Some men want to increase the amount of sex they have in their lives, while some want to find the perfect girlfriend. Whatever your specific goals are, what you ultimately want is to have complete freedom and choice in your love life.

Have you ever seen a woman sitting in a café by herself, thought she was incredibly attractive, and then walked out and spent the rest of the day kicking yourself for not talking to her? That regret builds up. Day Game is all about removing that regret forever.

Imagine being able to approach a woman you wanted to talk to in any situation and have an attractive conversation with her. You could be on a charming date with her later that evening, and she could be the best sex you’ve ever had or even the girl of your dreams. But, you have no way of knowing until you go and talk to her.

How Do I Learn Day Game?

The quickest and most efficient way to learn day game is through a Love Systems Day Game Workshop.

You’ll spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm – 9pm learning the theory and doing practice exercises so you’re ready to hit the field Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 12pm – 4pm.

Each day instructors will be beside you, pushing you to approach beautiful women and being there to break down the interactions immediately after.

They’ll also be in the classroom teaching you these valuable lessons:

  • – Differences between meeting women in the daytime and at night so you make the proper approach.
  • – Inner Game and powerful mindsets so your masculinity and confidence shine through.
  • – Demonstrations of how to approach women during the daytime so you have a reference.
  • – Body language and speech techniques to convey authority and build intrigue.
  • – The 8 key social triggers so you can attract women during the day. (Different from at night.)
  • – Using your own personality and life experiences to convey your most attractive self.
  • – Comprehensive storytelling section so you can turn YOUR stories into attraction builders.
  • – Using qualification to screen for high quality women and how to give compliments correctly.
  • – Unique conversation mapping techniques to structure a fluid and attractive conversation with any woman.
  • – Exercises and a system for you to never run out of things to say.
  • – How to ask her out, get her to meet up with you and plan the perfect date.
  • – The key steps in physical progression and how to kiss her and get her home.
  • – Advanced model of rapport to build deep and long-lasting comfort.
  • – Texts used by instructors so you can get her to meet up with you and not flake.
  • – Relationship Management techniques to set casual, medium or long-term expectations depending on what kind of interaction you’re looking for.
  • – Social circle attraction so you learn to properly build attraction with the girls you see everyday.
  • – How to keep up the practice after the workshop and continue to learn.

Who Will I Approach?

day game workshop - Soul - Day Game Program (Love Systems)

The question is: who do you want to approach?

By the end of your workshop you’ll have approached young girls, women in their thirties, store clerks, girls on their lunch break and girls who are out shopping. All ages, all types (and more specifically, YOUR TYPE). We’ll push you to approach the women you want but may not be getting so you get maximum practice.

The feedback you’ll get from Love Systems’ experienced dating experts is the most valuable aspect of the workshop, and will short-cut your own progression in dating by a number of years. All of our instructors are friendly, positive and encouraging. We’re here to help you become the man you want to be!

Instructors will do demonstration approaches in front of you, push you to do your own approaches, wing with you, and give you feedback after every approach.

Critical feedback on your body language, conversational technique and attitude is often quoted as the most useful part of the workshop, shaving years off the learning curve for most clients.


Who Teaches Day Game?

The Love Systems Day Game team is top-notch in the industry, with three of the five instructors being voted the world’s best by students before. All practice day game as part of their regular lives and all will be able to show you approaches.