Susan Crain Bakos – Sexational Secrets

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Susan Crain Bakos – Sexational Secrets PDF Download

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Tantric gurus, Japanese geishas and French courtesans have known for centuries the most erotic pleasures of the bedroom. Now renowned sex expert Susan Crain Bakos has gathered the best sexual techniques from every corner of the earth and is ready to tell all.

You will learn how to please your mate and yourself in ways you never dreamed possible. From sensual kissing to talking dirty to sex that will last all night, Sexational Secrets is the ultimate how-to manual for sexual expertise.

You’ll discover:

-The six basic positions for lovemaking-and how to add your own variations
-What men really want from women during sex
-How masturbation can intensify the passion during lovemaking
-Sex that can last for hours and hours
-Multiple orgasms for her and him
-How to arouse your partner without even touching
-And many more eye-opening Sexational Secrets!

So embark today on a sensuous adventure that will change your love life forever…



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