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The Buddy System is a fresh approach to going out with the guys to meet women. While most people punish one another for their incompetence when they “sarge,” The Buddy System focuses on self-awareness and mutual observation so tips and tricks can be exchanged regardless of the skill level of the individual men going out. Far from the blind leading the blind, The Buddy System incorporates time-tested coaching methods to provide a framework for self-diagnosis that accelerates the rate at which men acquire and apply new insights to meet their lovelife goals.

DVD Contents

How It Works (Practice)
Why It Works (Theory)
– Questions & Feedback
– Ground Rules
– Choosing A Buddy
– Learning By Doing
– Insults and Ego Defenses
– Problems vs Results
– Logistics
– Handling A Bad Buddy
Buddy System Solo
– Getting Ready
– Debrief

*Includes The Buddy System cheat sheet, Social Interaction Games, a Field Report, and a Wingman Assessment*


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